Wednesday, March 24, 2010

By Jai Dahalli

The secret of success in todays times is to reinvent yourself constantly keeping in mind that you do not lose heart and keep on motivating yourself and keep moving towards giving your 100%.

Along with physical ability and strength your mental and spiritual stability is also very important for your constant growth. The chakras within you play an important role as these points of spiritual energy offer a great deal to your character and wisdom; they act as the intermediaries between the soul and the physical body.

In order to reach your goals it is important that the strength and energy lying within you are transformed into performance and here is where the chakras play a defining role. The only thing that you need to be careful about is that these chakras require being refreshed periodically or else their efficiency might reduce.

Since each chakra in our body has relevance with various aspects we need to understand and ensure that all of them are paid adequate attention, the seven chakras in your body lie between the bottom of your spine and the head.

While you are clearing the chakras you get away the negativity from the body and bring in positive energy, stabilizing it in the body.

The various moves made by your body have different effects in the flow of energy, while positive energies come in on the occurrence of clockwise movements while anti-clockwise movements are required to eliminate the negativity.

Also in the process of clearing chakras you might experience a little pain in body parts but that is just an indication of the occurrence of the process of energy exchange.

The energy obtained by means of exchange in the process of chakra clearing is said to come from the planets and are used by man to channelize his efforts optimally.

Clearing chakras leads to complete reinvention of your personality and you feel as if the world around you has become very pleasant. Individuals like to perform this act on a regular basis but the regularity differs from individual to individual.

You would see that after clearing chakras you would be able to develop a better ability to respond to various situations, also you would find yourself discovering newer thoughts and ideas, in fact people are able to see a newer side of their personality often after they have cleared and balanced their chakras.

You can start working out initially with a single or a couple of chakras and gradually ensure that you are able to clear all your chakras to get the maximum benefits of your inner skills and energies. You will feel at peace and also you would be comfortable in the position you are.

In order to understand which chakra you need to clear you will not need to know rocket science but just feel the reactions of your body parts and then work on the chakra it relates to.

Todays competitive world demands a lot of agility and awareness and without the right approach and the correct balance of all your energies making your abilities count as performance would be quite difficult.

The spiritual energy has a potential role to play in the success of an individual in all fields and that has been realised by people practising this art. Also efforts are being made to understand the science of chakras in a better way.

The amount of satisfaction and accomplishments that the functioning chakras bring into your life is enormous, it is just the question of how effectively you practise it to achieve a refreshed source of energy.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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