Wednesday, March 24, 2010

By Jai Dahalli

The secret of success in todays times is to reinvent yourself constantly keeping in mind that you do not lose heart and keep on motivating yourself and keep moving towards giving your 100%.

Along with physical ability and strength your mental and spiritual stability is also very important for your constant growth. The chakras within you play an important role as these points of spiritual energy offer a great deal to your character and wisdom; they act as the intermediaries between the soul and the physical body.

In order to reach your goals it is important that the strength and energy lying within you are transformed into performance and here is where the chakras play a defining role. The only thing that you need to be careful about is that these chakras require being refreshed periodically or else their efficiency might reduce.

Since each chakra in our body has relevance with various aspects we need to understand and ensure that all of them are paid adequate attention, the seven chakras in your body lie between the bottom of your spine and the head.

While you are clearing the chakras you get away the negativity from the body and bring in positive energy, stabilizing it in the body.

The various moves made by your body have different effects in the flow of energy, while positive energies come in on the occurrence of clockwise movements while anti-clockwise movements are required to eliminate the negativity.

Also in the process of clearing chakras you might experience a little pain in body parts but that is just an indication of the occurrence of the process of energy exchange.

The energy obtained by means of exchange in the process of chakra clearing is said to come from the planets and are used by man to channelize his efforts optimally.

Clearing chakras leads to complete reinvention of your personality and you feel as if the world around you has become very pleasant. Individuals like to perform this act on a regular basis but the regularity differs from individual to individual.

You would see that after clearing chakras you would be able to develop a better ability to respond to various situations, also you would find yourself discovering newer thoughts and ideas, in fact people are able to see a newer side of their personality often after they have cleared and balanced their chakras.

You can start working out initially with a single or a couple of chakras and gradually ensure that you are able to clear all your chakras to get the maximum benefits of your inner skills and energies. You will feel at peace and also you would be comfortable in the position you are.

In order to understand which chakra you need to clear you will not need to know rocket science but just feel the reactions of your body parts and then work on the chakra it relates to.

Todays competitive world demands a lot of agility and awareness and without the right approach and the correct balance of all your energies making your abilities count as performance would be quite difficult.

The spiritual energy has a potential role to play in the success of an individual in all fields and that has been realised by people practising this art. Also efforts are being made to understand the science of chakras in a better way.

The amount of satisfaction and accomplishments that the functioning chakras bring into your life is enormous, it is just the question of how effectively you practise it to achieve a refreshed source of energy.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Student Loan Consolidation Programs has never been easier with todays Internet resources at your finger tips. When looking for the best student loan consolidation information take some time to research the the process of getting the best rates and plans for yourself.

So what does student loan consolidation involve I hear you ask? If you are a current or former student with school loans, you have probably been bombarded with mailed and on line solicitations to consolidate your debt. The loan application process can seem overwhelming, particularly if you have more than a couple of loans issued from a number of lenders. However, it is generally simple and straightforward if you are prepared. There are several advantages for having a student loan consolidation program and although they won't all apply to you, some of them will. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect when you decide to consolidate your student loans.

First, you will need to choose a lender for your student loan debt consolidation It has never been easier than it is today because we have Internet resources available at our finger tips.
There are many to choose from, but, in general, it's smart to stick to a well-established financial institution. These lenders will have a variety of payment plans and discounts, and they will be less likely to sell your loan to another lender in the future. There should never be a charge or fee for consolidating student loans. As well, a lender should not need to check your credit because Federal student loans are guaranteed by the U.S. government.

Next, you will need to fill out a student loan consolidation application Remember to gather all the student loan consolidation information you have on your existing loans prior to filling out your application. Also, you will need to supply personal references. Before you sign your name on the application, make sure that you clearly understand the terms of the new loan. Ask about incentives and discounts that can help reduce your payment. Many lenders have forms you down load and on line calculators to determine the amount you will pay with your new loan.

Once you have submitted your completed student loan consolidation application, the lender will send each of your loan holders a Loan Verification Certificate (LVC) to verify the amount owed on each of your Federal student loans. You can expect that your existing lenders will take up to 30 days to return the LVCs. Once these certificates are processed, the interest rate will be calculated and a disclosure statement is prepared. Checks will be issued to your lenders to pay off your loans, and your new consolidated loan will be issued.

This entire process can take between 30 to 180 days to complete, and if information is missing from your application, it can take even longer. Most lenders have customer service representatives who will gladly keep you updated on the status of your loan application. Remember to continue to pay on your existing loans while your application is being processed. You will be financially responsible for these loans until the new lender has paid off them in full.

Finally, keep in mind that interest rates on student loans are adjusted annually every July 1st. This year, rates will be increasing 2.1 percent. You can be assured of the lower rate if you submit a completed application early. If you have credit card debt you may be paying 20% plus interest. Interest rates are currently at their lowest for 40 years. Your new consolidated loan will have a low fixed rate of interest. Could there be a better time to consolidate your loans? Don't wait until the end of June to start the process.

While consolidating student loans can be a time consuming task, with a little advanced preparation and research you can complete your application with minimal effort. And, once your new loan is processed, you will most certainly be thrilled with your lower student loan repayment.

Monday, January 18, 2010

By Adriana Noton

Recycling in the city is nothing new, there is now just more of a focus on it. Remember the first time the blue buckets were handed out and everyone was laughing about them? Well people aren't laughing now as every city in America and every country around the globe is looking for better ways to make use of recycling.

A lot of city dwellers do not understand that if they recycle, they will directly benefit from it. The trash has to be put somewhere and if it is not recycled, it has to go into a landfill. The worst part about all of this is that the cities get charged a ton of cash to do this. Where does that money come from? Taxes, of course!

Landfills are not cheap to use and the costs of this far exceed those of recycling. A great example of how important junk removal is to cities is the program that Philadelphia recently unveiled. They are actually offering incentives to neighborhood residents that can pay as much as $240/yr if they hit their numbers. That is the equivalent of an insurance payment or filling the fridge for a month.

While tax benefits are one benefit, there is also usually significant federal money that can be lost if recycling numbers are not met by cities. The federal government continues to put restrictions on certain funding that will only be releases if cities and states use a certain amount or renewable energy and have effective garbage removal plans.

When it comes to the individual homeowner, they are very instrumental in making these plans work. One of the most important things is for the parents to get the kids into the habit of recycling. Use clearly marked containers and give them a reason to recycle. The more fun it is, the more likely they are to do it.

Once the kids are involved, it is time to look at the products that are coming into the home. Not only should people be buying things that can be recycled, but they should also be buying things that come from recycled goods. The more people buy these types of goods, the more likely the corporate world will fall into line.

Don't get the misconception that all companies are doing their part. There are plenty of industries that use recyclables in every aspect that they can, but there are still far too many televisions and computer companies that are not using these programs to the best of their abilities.

Recycling should be a part of everyone's life, but this is particularly true when it comes to city living. Because the amount of trash that is generated is so significant in cities such as Philadelphia, an aggressive recycling plan can make a huge impact on the environment. If you haven't started to take part in recycling yet, it is time to get on the bandwagon and get both the financial and economical benefits that can result from a successful program.

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By James Scott

So many companies dream of going public to raise massive amounts of capital, as set up for an exit strategy, to make acquisitions with stock and for many other reasons. While your intentions may be pure and with genuine motives, you're entering shark infested waters of boiler rooms, crooked attorneys and underbelly consultants who have made careers off of taking well intentioned executives just like you for a 24 month rollercoaster ride while they take every penny you have as your company shrivels up like week old road kill.

Just and honest consultants in the 'public offering' industry are as rare as the illusive white elephant. This industry exists in a cesspool surrounded by rose gardens; from afar it looks amazing and an image of a dreamland but get up and close and the sludge and odor are enough to make you run and hide. So what do you look for in a consultant? The best consulting firms are the 'boutique firms' with minimal overhead that keep a low profile and are made up of 3 or 4 'partner' consultants.

These firms typically have the experience of working with the large consulting groups but for one reason or another have decided to leave and go out on their own. The great thing is, these small groups typically have massive contacts and process your entire public offering in-house. Offering a complete turn-key solution that is managed in-house offers a huge advantage because there is accountability and you can actually build a relationship with the people that are making your dream of a public offering come true.

These 'boutique' consultants will usually stay onboard as growth consultants for the life of the company in exchange for modest fees and a pre-IPO or pre-OTCBB equity position. The large firms will hack you out at the knees and gouge you with fees while they take massive amounts of equity in your company which takes away your bartering chip when you need to offer more stock to the public to raise capital.

The small firms will also work one on one with you to show you how to use your stock to grow through acquisition and other nifty ways to use stock to grow. Seek out the boutique consulting firm and save the attorney for spot audits. Hold on to your cash. Why pay outrageous fees to lawyers when you can pay 60% less with a small consulting firm that will add all the bells and whistles for free and actually get your stock trading, usually in half the time?

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

By Dr. Jay Polmar

It's so easy to learn to be a basic level speed reader in 11 minutes. The 11 minute Speed Reading course is a part of a firm that has spent more than 32 years researching and sponsoring teaching of speed reading courses to 8,000 students around the U.S. These courses were taught at colleges and universities, live research gathering classes. These classes were taught by Dr. Polmar himself.

It's truly an amazing method, but how did they do it? First, they explained how the method worked and why. Then Dr. Polmar, demonstrates to you the fastest speed reading techniques ever invented. You will start to use the methods immediately after you start studying, it all takes -- 11 minutes flat and you are a speed reader.

Also, you'll learn the right way to read a book. You'll learn how to get your reading task organized, what to look for, and how to remember what you read.

Now you can learn all the secrets on how to write your own term paper, any report, or any type of paper including research, organization, writing, reviewing, and the formal presentation. The methods are easy, even a 9 year old can learn to use them.

You'll be reading 50% to 75% faster. With practice, while reading your daily reading material - you'll double your reading speed.

Dr. Polmar is famous for speed reading and accelerated learning courses since 1977. He is the only speed reading teacher and author who has incorporated several different techniques of speed reading along with visualization and relaxation techniques to help people, from every country, to read faster and have a better and more productive life.

Dr. Jay Polmar, (founder of guarantees that you'll be amazed - at how powerful your own abilities are. is the special site for the course.

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By James Scott

In these gloomy times businesses are looking outside the box for a localized injection of economic stimulus. Banks are hording their bags of government bailout money while the small business owner is forced to fend for themselves. Nothing but doom and gloom seem to infest all aspects of present and near future financial forecasts.

There is, however, a fiscal niche being carved out as we speak by wealthy, aggressive and eager angel investors. Angel investors, private investors, micro ticket investment partnerships and other alternative financing groups are spearheading a global rally to buy into promising mid-size companies from all industry genres. The elements of a viable company prime for investment are solid and realistic growth potential, talented 'who's who' executive staff with the right educational and professional pedigrees, minimal debt, a solid business plan laying out every minute intricacy that could affect growth, financial return and the exit strategy.

Another important document that is often overlooked but is a mandatory prerequisite for the SEC regulated exchange of cash for equity is a Private Placement Memorandum. A Private Placement Memorandum takes advantage of three powerful Regulation D Rule exemptions (Rule 504, Rule 505 and Rule 506) these are technical documents that spill the beans to the potential investor. In a PPM all the financial and industry risks are put on the table as well as stock prices, a breakdown of fund raising benchmarks and what the money will be used for etc.

A Private Placement Memorandum can be costly if you hire a law firm to custom author the package for you but there are consulting firms that will do this for as little as $6000.

If you are serious about raising money for your company you need to add a Private Placement Memorandum to your list of necessary documents to hand off to the investors in order to get the cash you need in an expedient manner.

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By Jason Kendall

As you're in the process of finding out about courses for MCSE, it's possible you're in one of two situations: Maybe you're thinking of a dynamic move to get into the IT field, and all evidence points to a growing demand for properly qualified people. On the other hand you're someone with a certain amount of IT knowledge - and you'd like to consolidate your skill-set with the MCSE accreditation.

When researching MCSE's, you'll hit upon training companies that lower their out-goings by failing to provide the latest version from Microsoft. Avoid such training providers as you will face problems at exam time. If you are studying the wrong version, it will make it very difficult to pass.

A company's mission statement must be based upon doing the most for their students, and they should be passionate about their results. Working towards an MCSE isn't just about passing exams - the procedure must also be geared towards assisting you in working on the best action plan for your future.

Be watchful that any certifications you're studying for are recognised by industry and are current. 'In-house' exams and the certificates they come with are generally useless.

All the major IT organisations such as Microsoft, Adobe, CompTIA or Cisco each have globally renowned proficiency courses. These big-hitters will make your CV stand-out.

A service that many training companies provide is job placement assistance. This is to assist your search for your first position. The need for this feature can be bigged up out of proportion though - it's quite easy for eager sales people to overplay it. The fact of the matter is, the still growing need for IT personnel in the UK is why employers will be interested in you.

Update your CV at the beginning of your training though - look to your training company for advice on how to do this. Don't procrastinate and leave it for when you're ready to start work.

Various junior support jobs have been offered to trainees who are still learning and haven't even passed a single exam yet. At the very least this will get your CV into the 'possible' pile and not the 'no' pile.

If you'd like to keep travelling time and costs to a minimum, then it's quite likely that an independent and specialised local employment service may be more appropriate than some national concern, for they're going to be familiar with the jobs that are going locally.

A regular aggravation of a number of training providers is how much men and women are prepared to study to get top marks in their exams, but how un-prepared they are to work on getting the position they're qualified for. Have confidence - the IT industry needs YOU.

OK, why should we consider qualifications from the commercial sector rather than traditional academic qualifications gained through schools, colleges or universities?

Accreditation-based training (to use industry-speak) is most often much more specialised. The IT sector is aware that specialisation is essential to meet the requirements of a technologically complex workplace. CISCO, Adobe, Microsoft and CompTIA dominate in this arena.

Patently, a certain portion of closely linked knowledge must be taught, but essential specifics in the exact job role gives a vendor educated student a huge edge.

Assuming a company is aware what they're looking for, then all it takes is an advert for the particular skill-set required. The syllabuses are set to exacting standards and can't change from one establishment to the next (as academic syllabuses often do).

We can't make a big enough deal out of this point: It's essential to obtain proper 24x7 round-the-clock support from professional instructors. Later, you'll kick yourself if you don't heed this.

Be wary of any training providers which use 'out-of-hours' call-centres - with the call-back coming in during standard office hours. It's not a lot of help when you've got study issues and could do with an answer during your scheduled study period.

As long as you look hard, you will find professional training packages that provide their students online support around the clock - no matter what time of day it is.

Don't accept second best when you're looking for the right support service. Most IT hopefuls who throw in the towel, are in that situation because of support (or the lack of).

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By Kim Sanchez

After having a bad break up with her ex boyfriend, my friend tried calling her ex boyfriend to patch things up. However, her ex boyfriend does not answer her calls. She has been calling him several times even leaving a message to call her back so that the two of them could talk but to no avail. So my friend asked for my advice on how her boyfriend would respond to her calls so that the two of them could talk properly and make up.

Sometimes, it is really hard to make someone talk to you or answer your calls if you are at fault or when something goes wrong in the relationship. Your boyfriend might be hurting too much to make any move. But this is not a hopeless case. There are things that you could do to make him speak to you.

First, do not make to many calls in a day. Make a single call in a day and just simple leave a message that you want to talk. Do not leave too many messages or make too many calls because he might think that you are too desperate to get him back, and since it is your fault, he might prolong your agony by not answering your calls or returning it.

The second thing that you need to do is to leave curiosity driven messages on his voice mail or mobile phone. Do not go in circles with your message. Get to the point and rehearse your voice mail as much as you can. Do not just act on emotions or whims. You have to appeal to his logical side rather than appealing to his emotions. If he does not respond just give him time to think for himself then.

If he still does not call you after a week or so then you have to move slowly and deliberately. You can ask a close friend or a common friend to serve as a bridge of communication between you two. You can sue your friend's phone to call up your boyfriend. He will definitely answer it. This is where your rehearsal will come into play. Go direct to the point and be honest but calm when talking to him.

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Learn to Read Differently

By Jay Polmar

Many people do not believe they have the ability to read faster because if they had, they already would be reading faster. And, they've gotten so many years of demonstration (like taking their current age and subtracting 4 to 6 years) and that read in the same way --- yes for years!

Not only is it a well established behavior pattern, but you also firmly believe that that's normal for you. And they also consider that if they try to read faster, they'll lose comprehension.

Yes, too many people believe that by reading faster they'll lose their level of comprehension. And that's why some people think that "Speed Reading" is not a good phrase, because they assume that people are just speeding and not reading.

To help people to be effective readers we do several things:

* Show them how to unlearn old slow habits that hold them back

* Teach you some great new techniques that will increase reading speed, data processing and quality of comprehension

* Shift from the plain reader to a reader who collects knowledge

Years ago the Chinese moved from using an abacus to a calculator to perform calculations and now they are shifting to micro, mini-computers and they operates many gigabytes of data and knowledge.

This isn't only about reading faster which will always happen when you train yourself to be a more efficient reader. Its about learning how to do things differently. And, in that way you are going to get a far more effective result, and get it faster than you ever thought possible.

You can take your reading speed and double or triple it or more. The most dramatic impact of doing things differently will be the impact of the development of an automatic file system " and using success strategies to retrieve the right data for exams, presentation, or any person, before you even begin to do what others call "Speed Reading".

So effectively you learn to be reading smart right now " somewhat similar to how you read, right now but faster.

If you are not an effective reader already, reading takes away your free time. When you realize that 60-80% of what you read is irrelevant dribble, and you cut through it so fast, that you are breaking speed limits " and you read with better comprehension and recall.

And it is just about doing a few things differently.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

By John Knight

Everybody worry about something every single day. Worrying is like an addiction. Some people worry about money, some about relationship, some about work, some about job, some about health etc. May be you worry every single hour.

People worry a lot. They do not think of living without worrying. But they should think that it is not giving them any results. Sometimes they try to stop worrying but cannot do it. This is because they do not know how to do it. They do not know the methods for it.

Worrying is just a waste of time. Worrying will not find a solution for you. It will only make you more worry. Negative thoughts will start taking up your mind and make you feel more worried. Long worrying will take the form of depression. You will start feeling anxious and miserable. In this article I will discuss with you some of the steps that will give you relief from worrying.

Everybody knows worrying is a deadly thing but if you set an aim that from now onwards you will not worry you will definitely get rid of it. When you realize this thing the next steps are nothing. When you worry you are not able to think of anything else. But instead of worrying if you start working on the problem and make step by step plans then you will definitely end up with good future. If you will not worry then you will make your plans easily and in less time.

There is a saying of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, cut the past, shut the future, live in present. This means do not worry about the past as it is gone and if you will plan your present well then you do not have to worry about your future. The two most important things in life are exercise and yoga. Practice these two things everyday and you will see a major change in your life. Meditation is a very good thing. Just read the books that are written about the benefits of not worrying.

You need to just sit and think of solving the problem before worst things can happen to you. This will give you a lot of relief as you will see that nothing much worse will happen. You will see the problem that you are thinking of is not a big problem and you will be able to find the solutions easily.

Now suppose you are worried about your future that is you do not save anything from your present salary. So you are worried and worried and do not find the solution. In this case what you should do is instead of worrying think how you can save. Make a diary every day about how much you spent. After some days see what you should skip to save money and what is very important. This will definitely make a big difference in your life.

People worry about one thing or the other but if you follow some things that are mentioned in this article, you will definitely get to know that the problem is seriously nothing.

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By Katherine Clark

If you're at a loss as to how you should go about choosing a party band, then the good news is that you've come to the right place. Of course if you've been landed with the responsibility of coordinating a special event such as a wedding reception, graduation party, or even a birthday party, then it's vital that you choose a party band capable of providing entertainment which the majority of guests will find to be appealing.

The main goal and priority when it comes to a social gathering is to ensure that everyone that attends is entertained and has a wonderful time. By choosing the right band for your social event, your guests will have a memorable experience. In this how to guide, you will learn the steps to discovering the perfect party band!

The first step to choosing a party band that your guests are really going to enjoy watching and listening to is to ask some of your guests in advance of the event what they want. Many event coordinators forget that it is the interests and likes of the guests that matter and not just their own interests and likes.

Speaking to your guests beforehand will not only help you to determine what sort of music the vast majority prefer, but it will also go a long way in terms of building up excitement prior to the event taking place. In most cases you'll discover that most of the guests tend to prefer one sort of music over the rest. Of course, if after you've interviewed the guests and you've come to realize that many of them enjoy a variety of music, then you need to ensure that your chosen band is capable of playing different types of music.

Now the next consideration that you need to pay attention to is whether the party band will be the highlight of your entertainment or if they will simply provide some soft background music. For examples, if you are planning a party for your company, you may look to hire a band that simply plays in the background.

On the other hand, if you're organizing a wedding reception or a birthday bash then you'll probably want the band to be the primary source of entertainment. In other words, once you know exactly what purpose the band should serve, you'll be able to make an informed decision regarding the type of band you should hire for the event. Of course, you should also bear in mind that irrespective of what type of band you choose, they will all take periodic breaks, so you should determine whether or not they will be able to play recorded music during such intervals.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the level of expertise concerning the band of your choice. This is something you can do simply by asking for references or testimonials from previous clients. You could also ask them for a sample CD or DVD highlighting their level of professionalism.

It is important to know, right up front, what level of expertise that a music group has prior to putting them to work for you. How professional are they? How long have they been together? Most bands have individual and group biographies in their written information or on their website. This will give you an idea of the calibre of the party band as a whole.

Admittedly, there are several things you need to take into consideration when choosing a party band, but of course this is something which needs to be done in order to ensure that the band of your choice will be capable of entertaining your guests. For this reason, you should also always insist on the band signing a contract outlining details such as time, duration, location, dress codes, and code of conduct. Providing you follow the tips and advice mentioned in this article you'll be able to have total peace of mind in knowing that the band of your choice understands what's expected of them.

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By Adriana Noton

Toronto, Ontario is a vibrant city that is home to a diverse population of people from all walks of life. Toronto citizens have recognized that many residents have specific needs. Many members of the community have established a wide range of groups and associations to represent the goals and needs of its citizens. Some associations are not-for profit and some are for-profit organizations. Every Toronto association has a common goal of improving the lives of Torontonians.

The following is a list of responsible associations in Toronto, Ontario:

1. Seniors and Caregivers Support Service Unit at Family Service Toronto: This association provides social support services to seniors and their caregivers. Their work involves education and training programs in such areas as accessing community resources, educational and training programs in anger and quilt, elder abuse, memory loss and aging...etc. They provide advocacy work, counseling, support group meetings, coping with debilitating conditions, stress, bereavement and more.

2. The Down Syndrome Association of Toronto: This not-for-profit association provides an informational and social support network for parents of children with Down syndrome as well as to teachers of students with Down syndrome. Their goal is to expose and correct myths about Down syndrome, encourage and promote valuable services for people who have Down syndrome, and help classrooms adjust to the integration of students with Down syndrome into regular classes, and organize events for Down Syndrome Awareness Week.

3. Toronto Vegetarian Association: This volunteer association provides information and support to people who are interested in making greener and healthier food choices. They promote the consumption of non-animal foods, provide educational materials about living a vegetarian life, and promote Toronto's diverse vegetarian communities.

4. Canadian Diabetes Association Toronto Branch: This association provides educational material on diabetes, offers support groups, fundraises for diabetes research, advocates on behalf of people with diabetes, promotes early detection and prevention methods for the community, and provides services for people affected by diabetes.

5. Electronic Recycling Association, Toronto Branch: This association is a not-for-profit group working that helps individuals and businesses in the community to safely dispose of unwanted electronic items. They collect old electronics such as old computers for recycling and donate them back to the community such as local schools, libraries, senior homes, charities, and other community organizations. This is all done for free.

6. Strength To Walk In Freedom Together (S.W.I.F.T): This group is a non-profit organization that runs support groups for people in the community who are afflicted with social phobias, afflicted with depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems, and have marital problems. There are no fees for attending the support groups. There are 5 locations in the metro Toronto area.

7. Parents Without Partners - Toronto Chapter: This is a non-profit support group that offers programs for single parents and their children. The events, services, and programs, services offered by Parents Without Partners Toronto are run by volunteers who are single parents. They organize activities in the following areas: parent social activities, family and youth activities. The goal is to help single parents through difficult times and make new friends.

The city of Toronto, Ontario provides a wealth of resources for its citizens. The fundamental objective of these associations is to ensure that the needs of residents are being met.

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By Stuart B Clark

Ever since the release of the movie 'The Secret', thousands of people around the world have wanted learn all they can about the secret law of attraction. Numerous books also followed the release of the movie. Even before this, there had been a lot of information on the subject, but people really did not understand the concept and people still do not understand how the process works. Here you will find some information to help so that you too can understand the power of the law of attraction.

The destiny or fate of a person is determined through the thoughts that they possess. The mind has the ability to allow a person to get anything they want. Additionally it can help them to become the person they desire. Either unconsciously or consciously all successful people have used the law of attraction to achieve their goals.

The law of attraction is what will guide you in attracting all of the things that you need. The way that you live and the amount of money you have reflects the way that you think. To not have money is the inability to access all the things in life that you want to do. For complete happiness a person should contain the ability to give to the ones that they love. People must have access to the material things in life in order to develop fully in mind, body, and soul.

To utilize the power contained within the law of attraction, a person must free themselves of certain ways of thinking. You must master the idea that whatever you think about, you will evenentually experience. Thinking in this way allows the creation of the life and lifestyle that you really desire.

To get what you want, you need to have a full understanding of exactly what it is that you do want. This idea must be clear and specific. Writing it down will help you to have more of an understanding of the things that you wish to have and it must be within the present tense of how you write it. This way, for your mind you have already achieved the goal and it is something you should read daily in order to focus your mind.

What you desire must be something that will make things better in your life. To achieve this your mind should also be clear of other thoughts so that you can focus and concentrate on the thing that you desire. One way to achieve this is through the use of meditation.

While you are asking, you need to believe that you will receive. Throughout the process stay relaxed and work towards reaching your subconsciousness. The place that you are during this process should be quiet. Belief is most important in order to increase the chances of things working.

Visualization helps to send a clear picture to the universe of the thing that you want and allowing your imagination to flow is vital. After sending out pictures to the universe of what you want, you should express gratitude, since you know you will receive the thing that you requested. Live life in a grateful mind, from that moment on.

After you make the request, do not hold onto it. Just have faith and trust that the universe has heard your request and will deliver. Faith and trust is the real secret law of attraction.

About the Author:

By Sammy Bell

At any marriage ceremony, there is a lot of focus on how the bride looks, and getting the dress right is absolutely critical. To make you look photogenic and elicit the attention of the invitees, the correct bridal dress has to be chosen, and this should be done keeping some aspects in mind.

The whole ceremony can be ruined if the bridal dress is poorly made or is delayed in arrival from the shop, so a reliable store has to be selected for placing the order. A shop situated in close proximity to your place must be selected so that in case it does not fit you well, you can go to the store without wasting much time.

A unique colour must be selected for a wedding gown that will make you appear even more beautiful. The correct coloured dress must be chosen from an array of carefully picked samples. However, style and appearance must not be given priority at the expense of comfort. A cosy yet nice dress will not only improve your attractiveness but also keep you in good mood so that you can enjoy every moment of your wedding day.

When selecting the wedding gown, you must always remember how it will appear in the pictures. In Singapore, there are many photographers who are easily accessible and can suggest you which colours and textures are best suited for photographs.

For this purpose, good Singapore wedding photographers can be found in almost all the major commercial centres. In fact, they can also be contacted through the internet. Many wedding photography Singapore based businesses are well established in the area, but do take advice from your wedded friends and relatives before selecting one. The proficiency and skill of the photographer are the decisive aspects that will determine the quality of the pictures, so it is better to be safe by choosing the right company than repent later by picking a dubious one.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

By Stewart L. Haney

You could end up with the powerful emotional urge to need to get together with your ex after your breakup, but often getting back along with your ex isn't the neatest thing for you to do. There would be two things you need to evaluate with your prior relationship, as well as appraise inside yourself, to be ready to work out what your best move it, whether or not it is to get together again with your ex or to simply move on to a new relationship with some other person. Here are 2 things that you may use to help make that call.

You Feel Uncertain

When you are feeling uncertain on your call to get together with your ex, or if you have got a lot of doubt in your consciousness, then it's far better if you don't push thru with it for the mean time. Deciding to get together again with an ex requires a large amount of commitment and care, particularly since you are working with your ex feelings apart from your own, which is the reason why you need to make certain that your heart is truly in it. Don't get together with your ex if you do not actually wish to do it as this will only result in another break up.

Many Unresolved Issues

If you and your ex still has plenty of unresolved issues, then it is better if you opt to mend those issues first before making any plans of getting back together as this can help straighten out some things in your relationship that may have made it fail in the 1st place. The main issue you need to attempt to fix is the real cause for your break up. After you get that out of the way, you can begin to attempt to rekindle the spark in your relationship already, as well as attempt to fix other issues that might have made a contribution to your conflict.

Your Ex Doesn't Want To

If your ex doesn't want to get back together with you, then you shouldn't force him to. That should be a clear sign for you to start moving on from your relationship and probably start a new relationship with somebody else. Just remember to give yourself time to move on from your previous relationship first before starting a new one, just to make sure that you are already over it and avoid any problems with your new one.

Your Ex Has Moved On

Once you see your ex in a new relationship with somebody else that is an indication that your ex is probably moving on from your relationship already. In this period in your break up, it isn't advisable to try and get back together with him because you might actually cause some problems with your ex new relationship. What more is you might ruin your ex chance to get over your break up.

Allow your ex to be OK with some other person since you already had your opportunity to make things work, and it did not always end well. Also, you had occasions to get together again with him, but now that your ex is with some other person, then that opportunity has passed you.

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By Jason Kendall

What might you expect the top of the range training organisations accredited by Microsoft to offer a student in the UK today? Undoubtedly, the most supreme Gold Partner Microsoft accredited programs, providing a selection of courses to lead you to a variety of careers in the IT workplace.

Try to discuss all the different permutations with somebody who is on familiar terms with the commercial needs of the market, and can influence your choice of the more likely roles to match your character.

Training must be customised to make the most of your skills and abilities. Consequently, once you've decided on the most fruitful career for you, your next requirement is the most suitable program that will get you into that job.

Many students come unstuck over one area of their training very rarely considered: The breakdown of the course materials before being physically delivered to you.

Often, you will purchase a course that takes between and 1 and 3 years and get sent one module each time you pass an exam. This may seem sensible until you think about these factors:

What if there are reasons why you can't finish every single section? What if you don't find their order of learning is ideal for you? Due to no fault of yours, you may not meet the required timescales and not get all the study materials as a result.

For maximum flexibility and safety, most students now choose to have all their training materials (which they've now paid for) couriered out in one package, all at the beginning. You can then decide at what speed and in which order you'd like to work.

Finding your first job in the industry can be a little easier with a Job Placement Assistance service. With the massive skills shortage in Great Britain even when times are hard, there isn't a great need to make too much of this option though. It isn't so complicated as you might think to get the right work as long as you've got the necessary skills and qualifications.

One important thing though, avoid waiting until you have completed your exams before bringing your CV up to date. Right at the beginning of your training, list what you're working on and get promoting!

It's possible that you won't have even taken your exams when you land your first junior support job; although this is not possible unless your CV is with employers.

If you don't want to travel too far to work, then you'll often find that an independent and specialised local employment service could serve you better than some national concern, as they're going to be familiar with the local job scene.

Essentially, as long as you focus the same level of energy into landing your first IT position as into training, you're not likely to experience problems. Some men and women bizarrely put hundreds of hours into their course materials and do nothing more once they've passed their exams and appear to be under the impression that jobs will come to them.

People attracted to this sort of work can be very practical by nature, and aren't really suited to the classroom environment, and struggling through thick study-volumes. If you identify with this, try the newer style of interactive study, where you can learn everything on-screen.

Long-term memory is enhanced when multiple senses are involved - educational experts have expounded on this for years now.

Learning is now available on CD and DVD discs, so everything is learned directly from your own PC. Using video-streaming, you can watch instructors demonstrating how to perform the required skill, with some practice time to follow - in an interactive lab.

It would be silly not to view a small selection of training examples before you make your decision. The minimum you should expect would be instructor-led video demonstrations and interactive modules with audio-visual elements.

Many companies provide online training only; while you can get away with this much of the time, consider how you'll deal with it if your access to the internet is broken or you get slow speeds and down-time etc. It's much safer to rely on CD and DVD ROM materials that don't suffer from these broadband issues.

Be on the lookout that any accreditations you're considering doing will be recognised by employers and are the most recent versions. Training companies own certificates are often meaningless.

From an employer's viewpoint, only the top companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe or CompTIA (for instance) provide enough commercial weight. Nothing else will cut the mustard.

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By Mike McTait

Regardless if you've been married nine months or twenty years, if you would like your marriage to continue for a long time then you have to heed the warning signals that your marriage may well be in trouble. If you notice some of these problems in your marriage appearing, you have to understand that you and your spouse would surely benefit from marriage help.

Communication Problems

Did you know that the most common cause for marriage problems to happen is communication breakdown? Do you find your dinner conversations filled with silence and down-ward stares directed only at the food on the plates? If this is the circumstances at your home, you need to consider your marriage and how you and your spouse converse.

On the other hand, perhaps your home is filled with hardly any pleasant words but lots of unkind shouting on a regular basis. When voices are raised, it's a certain sign that spouses think that they aren't being listened to. This is another signal that communication problems exist in your marriage. When partners can not communicate successfully, problems can arise in all areas of their marriage. The call for marriage help can happen swiftly in such state of affairs.

An Indifferent Partner

Imagine this scenario; the kids are fighting again in the house. One partner steps in to cease the situation before it ends in tears. The other partner remains silent during the clash, as normal.

When one parent takes the lead and the other remains completely silent, this is a obvious signal of a difference of opinion in parenting styles or an additional underlying issue. If the parenting styles differ drastically, it may be a fine idea to talk about the reasons for the conflicting opinions. At times big differences in opinions can produce a need for marriage help. No two parents will ever rear children in the precise same way but the important thing to remember is that spouses must work mutually.

Extramarital Affairs

Are you constantly examining your spouse's possessions for signs of an affair? If you suspect that they are having an extramarital affair, then it is a explicit red light warning signal for you. If this is so, then trust is an issue in your marriage, therefore marriage help is needed immediately as an extramarital affair is a severe problem. Even if your spouse is actually faithful, there is a reason why you are doubtful. You need to consult a therapist or other professional at once for marriage help.

A Lack of Intimacy

Is your relationship intimacy at a level you are at ease with? Intimacy and sex are different, yet strongly related. If you believe that you and your partner share matching personal thoughts, feelings, and goals, this is a good sign that your intimacy level is just right. But when the most personal conversations between spouses only delve into the problems at work, a problem is obvious.

Sexual Issues

Dilemmas in bed is a sign that marriage help can be necessary. Talking to your partner about the sexual area of your marriage could be uncomfortable, yet it is a common part of a married couple's time together. If sexual issues come up, it is best to look for marriage help from a counselor or sex therapist.

Marriage or any relationship can be filled with good and bad moments, but you need to watch for these signs of trouble in your marriage. If you see the resemblance between your marriage and the preceding situations, it is time to ponder marriage help. To know when to seek marriage help is the first step to an improved, adoring, and enduring marriage.

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By Victor Carr

How does the Inforegistry online search system work? This website allows its members to search for a wide number of different records such as correctional files, arrest records, criminal records and indictments, court and federal records, felony and inmate records and many more. The site lets you download and view these records quickly within just a few minutes from the time you start searching. This search service scans thousands of public database and sources from around the world.

1. Who Are the People Who Will Most Likely Need to Use the Inforegistry Site?

This site allows the search and retrieval of government records and is typically used by employers from different private corporations and businesses. Different people have different reasons for searching, some of which may include checking up of the bank and financial status of an employee or employer, his or her family details and the history of the person.

Besides employers, even employees, vendors, clients and customers are searching for reverse records. Info Registry search site allows members to do this easily and conveniently on the Internet.

2. Does The Inforegistry Website Service Really Work?

I was initially very skeptical about this service, and was glad to find out that it really works after using it to find the records of the person I was looking for. With the small fee that it costs, I felt that it was really worth the subscription fee. Info Registry gives me all the details about any particular person that I was to find out about by retrieving from various data sources and public databases on the Internet.

3. What Are the Benefits of Using An Online Database Like Inforegistry?

This records search service is much more cost effective than hiring a private investigator to do the check for you. With online access, it can retrieve information for you within a couple of minutes.

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By Alex Wu

Taking part time jobs while studying at high school and college? Why not? That is a good idea to practice your soft skills and maybe academic knowledge as well. Now with the intense influence of Internet, students can find many part time jobs online. The chance is not limited to offline jobs anymore. You can find many new jobs on the web as many companies and Internet entrepreneurs also need part time employees to help with their business operational. Well, in fact part time employees also bring advantages for their businesses. They have wider selection of people to recruit, so that it is easier to get the best talents.

Also, they can find the most competitive rate in the market. Students just have good opportunity to do something they like and earn money. There are many part time jobs for students such as child care, house cleaning, tutor, personal assistant, administration work, web designer, public relation, programmer, tour guide, book keeper, writer, editors, photographers, store keeper, and else. You can basically do any job that is available in your community, job you like, or job that pays good enough. But students taking part time jobs also have more challenges than those who do not. It is not easy to keep the balance between work and study. However, the more you need money and realize the importance of finishing study on time, the better you should be able to manage your time. Two big tips for students who plan to do part time jobs: prepare yourself and avoid time conflict.

1. Prepare yourself from the beginning. Doing part time jobs is not an easy decision. Even though the job does not contract you and the pay is not that high, you can not treat it as you like. Responsible and reliability are the keys. Be ready for the time and opportunity cost you sacrifice for the chosen decision. Many people just want to take it on and off, find job when they need money and then go when they have got enough for the moment. What if you can do better than them?

Maintain good relationship with people and build network. Part time job should be treated as professional work. You never know what is waiting ahead. But by doing good since the beginning, you have better chance to get better job and higher pay. Yet you leave good impression for the employers. Be professional: finish the work on time, give notice period if you want to resign, be pro-active, be willing to learn new things, and have initiatives.

2. Avoid time conflict between your class, study, and work schedule. It is good to plan everything far ahead to make sure you manage them accordingly. Make priorities, but do not be afraid to tolerate what seems to be impossible. You will know from experience that you can do better than what you presume before if you are serious and motivated. Keep in mind that to whatever extent you need money, study is still the first to consider.

You need to finish the study on time to be able to do farther for yourself and your future. Time is everything, after all. Do not let the income from part time jobs drives you away from the first responsibility because it is just not worth it. Do part time jobs to your maximum capability, but do not push them.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

By Alma Fisher

Nothing can be more agonizing than the thought that something might not work well on your marriage day; hence you need to avert any untoward incident. You want the event to be ideal without any hiccups, but it is easier said than done. A wedding brings forth a whole range of situations that need cautious and meticulous preparation along with flawless implementation.

How much you are willing to spend on the marriage is a major consideration that should come before any planning. Despite marriages being extravagant occasions, one can significantly curtail the costs by being a little innovative. For instance, when it comes to managing decorations inside the wedding hall with flower arrangements and other frills, you can employ a relative or a friend who has a flair for such creativity. The task is not that difficult to execute and if done in-house can be inexpensive, considering you are not hiring an outsider to do it. Another way to save money would be that instead of purchasing costly bouquets from the market, wild flowers that are readily available are used to make appealing bouquets.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of a wedding is the venue. You should put in significant effort in ensuring that you are selecting the correct venue. Everything, from the accommodating capacity of the venue to its location and the facilities it offers, is important to make sure that the right venue has been selected for the occasion.

Wedding photography is another important aspect that requires cautious consideration. Your pictures must depict the jubilant spirit of the marriage day and help you to re-experience the day with all its thrills when you see them twenty years from now.

You must select a photographer only if you are happy with his style. If you are based in Singapore, then this should not be very difficult. A good Singapore wedding photographer can be discovered through a quick search on 'photographer wedding' using any search engine customized for Singapore results. In addition, the prices offered for wedding photography services on the internet will be much better than what you will get elsewhere.

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By Betty Jones

We are surrounded by food photography everyday but we stop seeing it after a while. But maybe that's why we love food - because we see it subconsciously everywhere!

When you first take a look into the world of food photography you may feel that you can never take photos like the pros but you could amaze yourself.

Light as always with photography is King. Get it right and you create magic. Get it wrong and we all know the result! Treat the food you're photographing as you would any other still life subject and ensure that it is well lit. Most of the bad examples of food photography you will come across would have been drastically improved with adequate lighting.

One of the best places to photograph food is by a window where there is abundant natural light - perhaps supported with flash bounced off a ceiling or wall to give more well-balanced lighting that cuts out the shadows. This daylight helps to keep the food looking much more natural.

If you have to take a lot of food pics then invest in buying or making a light box or tent. This is simply an enclosed area that is lit externally through diffused walls in the tent/box.

Slow is great with food so use a slow shutter speed which will allow time to capture the depth of the image. Put your camera on a solid tripod to stop shaking and use a shutter release cable.

Use the right props with your pictures and they will bring your photos alive. We eat food literally with our eyes first so feed the eyes with lots of variety and colour.

Do not skimp on your equipment if you want to do good food photography. Having a top quality SLR camera with a good lens will make all the difference. You must have full control over all the settings - shutter speed - aperture setting - zoom - to be able to create top shots. Using good quality lighting will also pay massive dividends.

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By Sophia Mitchell

Wedding days are known for being hectic & stressful. It is already tough on those who are planning the wedding, but the maximum stress goes to the groom & the bride. People have dealt with the stress of weddings with the best of their abilities, because they have already surrendered to this plain fact

However, several professional services have come up nowadays which enable you to stay calm on the wedding day, without having to be worried about anything. These services make sure that you can fully enjoy what would perhaps be the most significant day of your life. Pre-wedding photography is one such professional example.

Most specialists trace the beginning of pre-wedding photography to Singapore about 10 years back. However, other like types of photography have been in existence in some countries even before that. In a lot of parts of Europe and the US, couples have for many decades been posing for such photographs clicked by inexperienced photographers, but as pre-wedding photography emerged as a well known specialised service, people from around the world began to avail this service more and more. Clear best practices have been laid down in this new field, & today it is not tough at all for anyone to find a photographer specializing in pre-wedding photography.

Why pre-wedding photography took shape as a thriving profession is not tough to understand. People have forever felt the necessity for a service that could lower the pressure on couples on their day of wedding. With the passage of time, more and more couples are acknowledging that wedding is not just about the customs, it is also about having a great time. To be able to enjoy the day you should have the least possible number of commitments.

Furthermore, by opting for pre-wedding photography, you also reduce the chances of things getting messed up on the wedding day. The last thing you would ask for is bad weather or any other unforeseen factors spoiling all your wedding pictures.

Pre-wedding photography services are nowadays being provided by several reputed photography companies, and this is being immensely welcomed by people. These services are quickly gaining popularity across all continents, so irrespective of where you live, you will be in a position to find a photographer who can do this job.

Nowadays, well known wedding photographers will ever suggest you to go for this service without pausing for a second thought. The photographer would be well suited to advise you about a good place, would bear the responsibility of making all the arrangements, and would also entertain any particular requests that you may want him to take care of.

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Wedding Event Photography

By Jude Matthews Wong

An event photographer is someone who you want to photograph your wedding. You will want them to possess a few qualities such as style, motivation, experience and good communication. An excellent event photographer will only posses these qualities through experience, so make sure that they are well trained and can focus on what you want is important.

Every event photographer will have their own style. The photographers style should coincide with your idea of the type of wedding pictures you want. Otherwise a horrible experience might be the end result. Depending on the style that your event photographer will use will vary. Traditional and wild are two extreme styles of photographers. Photos of the bride and groom, and the wedding party are examples of a traditional style. Wild styles can be anywhere from being completely serious in all of the pictures to making funny faces.

An event photographer should be highly motivated, try to find one who is. You do not want to have someone who is inactive and sitting around missing all the good pictures they could be capturing. Motivation isn't just about doing the job, but enjoying it and communicating are also involved.

Experience can only come to an event photographer over time. Make sure you ask your photographer how long they have been in the business, where they attended school and for how long, and who they were employed with before they went into business for themselves (if that is the case). This should help you when making a clear decision on an event photographer. If they are now employed by themselves you can find out what kind of work they produced when they were employed by asking their previous employer. It may be a devious way of getting information but it is better to find out then to have horrible pictures produced.

Make sure that you are relaxed around your event photographer. And they should try to make you feel comfortable and relaxed when around them. Later on at the wedding, this will help them to capture the precious photos. If you are nervous around your event photographer you will see that emotion in your wedding pictures.

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By Aubrey Williams

There are really times when individuals need to trace the whereabouts of someone for some urgent reasons. People Finder is the best solution to find-out the location of your friends and relatives in the US. The emergence of modern technology these days brings convenience to everyone. You can definitely locate where they are residing with the aid of some reliable websites over the Internet.

The police and FBI departments are the ones delegated to keep track of the people's official documents. They can absolutely supply you with relevant pieces of information regarding any records of a particular person. There are for sure a lot of reasons why people need to get hold of the records of other people. One reason could be to chase someone who owed some amount of money or maybe you just wanted to see a long lost friend.

The traditional advertising media like newspapers and others would still work in finding people, but would for sure take some time and spend much money along the process. You can resort to hiring a private investigator; however, it's often costly as they charge you with high service fee. This concern has been solved in this era of modern computerization. There are some credible sites nowadays that provide USA People Finder services. This is the best option to be reunited with someone in the US.

There is no doubt that there are some reliable sources you can find over the Internet. Sites have been developed for the sake of providing individuals the opportunity to meet-up with their long lost friends, relatives and whoever. Comprehensive databases of people's records in the US have been stored on the web in order to have a speedy search results. Online retrieval services usually come in two versions; the free and the paid versions. The latter is more useful as they are professionally done.

People Finder USA is indeed a big help for those who are trying to keep in touch with their loved ones. The Internet has played a great role in carrying out the task to find anyone in the US. It is very advantageous in many ways. You only get to spend small amount of money, plus, you can do it yourself right at the convenience of your own home. It is completely accessible as long as you have the Internet connection that you need.

The online search on the whereabouts of people in the US can be done more effectively with the aid of some trusted Internet record providers. There is no waiting time. With only minimal information about someone you are looking for, you will for sure get to be in touched with people whom you have not seen for quite some time. The major search engines like Google and Yahoo are absolutely accessible anytime for the search.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

By Jerry Wong

Arranging and organising activities linked to funerals are generally left in charge of undertakers, who are also known as funeral directors. Mentioned below are a few of the essential skills and personal qualities that undertakers must possess to rise in their job.

An undertaker should be active and be willing to work beyond normal schedule, as he should be available 24 hours a day. He must be prepared to spend a lot of time outside because of the nature of the job.

The undertaker should be able to understand the sentiments of clients, listen and understand their requirements and communicate lucidly. With clients hailing from many religions, cultures and communities he should be able to communicate with and manage each one of them successfully. He must be compassionate and should empathize with others. As an undertaker, he is also required to comfort the family in their moment of grief, and he must not allow pain or sorrow to cloud his abilities.

Although the job is by nature serious and distressful, the undertakers must bring dignity and serenity to the proceedings instead of more sorrow or unhappiness through their demeanour.

By nature, undertakers must be broad minded. They should be willing to respect the faith and beliefs of all communities and must be knowledgeable in this field. They should be conscious of different customs and rituals followed by different groups during the funeral service.

A successful undertaker will essentially possess good organizational skills and managerial abilities. A number of services will need to be organized by the undertaker and this will need good communication and managerial ability from the undertaker.

Legalities and other official formalities to be followed in case of a death must be familiar to the undertaker who will have to get the requisite approvals etc for the funeral proceedings and other related things. He will need to be fully aware of procedures to be followed for the purpose of collecting death certificates or claims for insurance.

Finally, an undertaker should know driving and should possess an appropriate driving license, as he may be required to drive vehicles to transport the deceased.

About the Author:

By Alvin Cruise

to the actual handling of the deceased's corpse.

There are four essential tasks of a funeral director, they are: (a) transporting the corpse to the mortuary; (b) anointing and readying the body for the ceremony; (c) arranging for the services for people to pay their last respects to the deceased and; (d) the final act of cremation or burial according to the customs of the family.

These duties encompass a wide variety of tasks, which include arrangement of hearse for transporting the deceased, deciding the venue and time for memorial service and also publishing obituaries in the local media as well as the newspapers. In addition, the funeral directors also have to ensure that the flowers and decorations are in place. Besides this, they have to prepare the body for the ceremony by bathing and embalming it and arrange conveyance for the relatives gathering for the service.

Besides these jobs, a funeral director also handles the necessary paperwork that are a part of the official formalities that follow a person's death. He helps the family secure a death certificate. He also shoulders the responsibility of settling insurance claims for the family as well as helping them take advantage of schemes like veteran's burial support. He also helps in clearing pension and annuity money, if any, of the deceased to the dependants of the deceased and helps the family with estimates of the costs of the whole funeral service.

In addition, a funeral director has to liaise with a wide range of people so that he can perform his tasks in a proper way. He has to interact with physicians, priests, casket makers and florists, all with equal ease.

Lastly, it is essential for funeral directors to give some extra time and provide comfort and relief to the bereaved family of the departed, in order to help them tide over their sorrow. Though a few funeral directors ignore this task, it is an important aspect in a profession like this.

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By Lesley Groft

You have heard about lucid dreaming and think it is something you would like to do. That is a good starting point but exactly how do you begin and what are the steps to being a successful lucid dreamer?

It's important to think about why you'd like to become a lucid dreamer, too. There are a number of benefits to dreaming this way, but first we should look at normal sleep, so we'll understand them.

When you go to sleep, you get into bed, close your eyes for a certain length of time, and either dream or just see black for a few hours and then wake up! It isn't very interesting now is it?

Instead of having to observe passively, you could be the person who leads your dream to be whatever you would like.

Consider the idea of taking control of your own dreams. What would it feel like to purpose what direction your dreams would take you? Explore new worlds that are only limited to your control and imagination. This is what it means to be a lucid dreamer, kind of the ultimate fantasy world where you call all the shots.

Are you are ready to begin but remain unsure of how any of this is possible? That is ok we are getting there, there are two way to enter lucid dream state. The first is a dream initiated lucid dream, (DILD). This happens once you have already begun to dream and during the dream, you come to the realization that you are indeed dreaming. At this point, you have brought an element of control to the dream because your conscious mind is now involved.

Another popular method is to have a wake initiated lucid dream (WILD); this is a straight shot from awake to asleep with no lapse in your consciousness. This is usually achieved by purposefully retaining awareness during the hypnagoogic state, which directly precedes sleep.

So, what methods are used to induce both of these kinds of lucid dream experiences?

Dream Recall

If you're interested in being a lucid dreamer, one of the most successful methods you can use is dream recall. This is the ability to remember your dreams. By developing this ability, you'll be more readily able to recognize them while you're asleep. That's because you're likely to have the same dream or dream elements on more than one occasion.

To make dream recall easier you can keep a dream journal. This is a notebook or pad of paper that has the sole purpose of recording your dreams. Whenever you have a dream, you should write all you can remember in the journal as soon as you wake up. The longer you are awake the more details of the dream that will be lost.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)

This is a technique that was developed by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, one of the lead scientists studying lucid dreaming. The intent here is to simply tell yourself that you will remember something, like an object for example and then in the dream, when you see this object you will realize it is a dream.

Wake-Back-to-Bed (WBTB)

The process here is to go to sleep, doing nothing but setting your alarm to wake you up a few hours later (5 or 6). Once you wake up, DO NOT go back to sleep. Instead, do something else like read for a while, or think as much as you can about lucid dreaming for around an hour then go back to bed.

According to LaBerge, this technique has about a sixty percent success rate. That's because you wake up in the middle of your sleep cycle, with your mind not fully aware, and are still in the middle of your REM cycle. This results in something a lot like telling your mind you want to dream lucidly and having it obey!

Cycle Adjustment Technique

This technique was created by Daniel Love, and involves setting an alarm that will wake you an hour and a half before you'd normally get up. Once you're used to waking up early, alternate between the early alarm and your old alarm. When you're waking up normally, your body will already be expecting the early alarm, and make you more likely to "wake up" in your dream.

Wake-initiation of Lucid Dreams (WILD)

When you consider all the methods and techniques wake initiated is by far the most intriguing way to enter lucid dreams. What you have to do is manage to keep the brain aware while the rest of you falls asleep. You can enter your dreams much like entering a theater. You go into watch the movie, set down and the light go down, (sleep) dark envelopes you just before the movements on the screen appear.

To get into this correct frame of mind if you will there are a few tricks you can use. Focus seems to be key so try to focus your mind on things like your breathing, counting, perhaps chant or meditate. In a way, you are practicing self-hypnosis. Use this technique when you are not extremely tired, perhaps during a late nap.

Technology has moved on in recent years, and there are various devices like dreaming masks and other scientific appliances which contain such things as strobe lights to induce lucid dreams.

If you want to increase, your chances of success use the method that has proven to be the best. Using a set of headphones listen to binaural beats at the right sound frequencies during sleep.

These work by synchronizing the two hemispheres of the brain and have the effect of almost instantaneously changing your brainwaves to the REM frequency needed for a lucid dream to occur.

Combined with self hypnosis sessions and personal affirmations that help prepare your subconscious mind, these methods make being a lucid dreamer a reality for anyone.

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By Wilma Reyes

If a near and dear one has passed away, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with grief and unable to come to terms with the great loss and the void that his or her death has created. But it is important to overcome that sorrow and make preparations for the funeral proceedings for which a suitable casket is necessary.

It is extremely hard to be able to focus on the quality, price and other aspects of a casket that you intend to purchase during this emotionally draining and traumatic time. In case the departed had already made his or her preferences known for the casket, or if a particular kind of casket is a cultural requirement for the deceased person's family then this job becomes much simpler.

Caskets can be of several shapes, sizes and styles, with prices varying accordingly. They are usually divided into two key categories, funeral caskets and burial caskets. Funeral caskets allow for the visitors to glimpse the departed during ceremonies but burial caskets are generally only used at the time of burial.

You can choose from metal, fibre, wood, and even marble caskets for the funeral. In previous times, wooden caskets were preferred and selection from various types of wood like mahogany, maple, oak etc could be made. Wooden caskets are of great quality and look very elegant and nice when polished, but these are also priced higher than caskets made of other materials. In comparison, metal caskets, which are usually cheaper, come in copper, bronze, and stainless steel and are available in an array of colours and designs.

Caskets made of eco friendly material are also gaining popularity as people are becoming conscious of their responsibility towards the environment to protect our planet Earth. The material used in them is eco friendly and causes no damage to the environment. These caskets are a great alternative if the departed person was sensitive to environment conservation.

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By Helen Esteban

Funeral directors provide an excellent source of support and compassion to a family that is reeling under the sorrow of the recent death of a near and dear one. They take charge of the whole process of making arrangements for the funeral service and look after every small detail allowing the family to cope with their loss without facing the hassles of the proceedings.

The duties of a funeral director are manifold, including moving the deceased to the burial place from where the body was kept, be it the house or a morgue. Formalities and all the documentation involved like acquiring a death certificate, approvals for holding the funeral, organ donation process if any, and much more will need to be overseen by the funeral director.

A good funeral director also acts as the point of contact for all services critical for the funeral like handling vendors of flowers, music, food etc. He will be responsible for organising publication of obituaries in papers and informing the funeral service venue and programme to anticipated attendees, who could be the relatives or friends of the deceased.

After consulting with the family, the funeral director decides on an appropriate date, venue and time for both the memorial service and the final rites. He makes preparations for close family and friends to come together to express their sorrow and have a final glimpse of the departed before the final rites. On the funeral day, his task ends only after he oversees all procedures until the grave is finally sealed.

A funeral director must be sympathetic and committed to make sure of a smooth and organized funeral service and help the grieving family sail through the toughest time of their lives. Thus, a licensed funeral director who has sufficient experience and recommendations must be selected for funeral proceedings. He must have an established reputation for sincerity and capability so that he can fulfil all necessary requirements without putting you through any further difficulties.

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