Sunday, August 18, 2013

"I am fed up of my life"

"I don't want to live"

"This always happens with me"

"Oh!I am not that lucky"

I never wanted to start my first post on this blog with such statements, but these are certain words I keep hearing again and again. These are the few statements that mark the "WHY ME" aspect of the human nature. We all must have experienced these emotional swings at one point of time or the other. These statements blends well with our pensive mood. We all know it very well that this attitude is seriously very injurious to our positive thoughts, yet we can't help "Being Human". However, we can always manage and reduce it. We all are born with a purpose and hence organizing your life and living it meaningfully is very important. Let us look into some situations which lays the foundation stone for such a behavior.

Organizing your life and living it better

WHEN "WHY ME" Attitude?

This behavior is completely situational. Let's consider some of them:

  • When you have really bad School results Oh God! I want to kill myself. That's the inner voice that many of us experience and the saddest part is some of us actually implement it.
  • When you are unable to get admission in a college of your dreams - Many of us feel that this is the end of the world and as a result the nation loses many creative minds each year.
  • When you are not getting expected increments or promotions and that your performance is not appreciated - In such a situation you lose faith in your capacity and ability and end up with many types of complexes.

There are many more situations and the ones mentioned above were just like touching the tip of the iceberg. These situations can lead to drastic changes in us, which not channeled appropriately, can be beneficial or bad for the society or the individual.

WHY"WHY ME" Attitude?

What causes this attitude to make a place and grow in our mind?

Let's find out:

  • Firstly our pensive and passive mood is the biggest reason for this attitude.
  • Secondly major reason for such a behavior is when we lose control over our emotions.
  • Last but not the least is when we start comparing our life with the lives of others.

HOW to Manage and Minimize the "WHY ME" attitude?

organizing your life

In a nutshell let's see what we can do to make ourselves feel better:-

  • First of all you must understand that this LIFE is a gift of God. You should respect it and you have no right to abuse it.
  • STOP comparing and START living your life. You are no less than anybody. You are equally precious to your loved ones as anybody.
  • Try and balance your emotions. Your emotions are quite private so DON'T publicize them.
  • Manage yourself in such a way that you RULE your Brain and Heart. Don't let them RULE you.
  • Try to find out your weaknesses and accept them positively. Respect your critic's opinion. YOU will definitely grow.
  • Try organizing your life in such a way so that you have a balance in both personal as well your professional life.
  • When in pensive mood, DON'T separate yourself from everyone. I am sure there is at least one person in your life who loves you in spite of any situation you are in. In short just be close with those who love you unconditionally.

I hope my first post on this site will help you to know yourself better. After all, Life is beautiful. Do let me in case you have more options on organizing our life and living it better. Please share your views in the comments box below.