Monday, September 8, 2008

Connecting with God.

Connecting with God

Who looks outside — dreams.
Who looks inside — awakes.
Carl Gustav Jung

The single most important thing you can do in your life is to connect with your source. Greater than anything you desire, connecting with source allows you to develop a relationship with the infinite wisdom of the Universe. By staying connected you will be in the flow and everything comes easily and quickly to you.

You have heard it said, go with the flow. This doesn’t mean follow the masses — it means to connect with your source and go with its flow — which is unique for each and every one of us. Where do you think you really come from? Your parents? Yes, you share their DNA and your body comes from their joining. But where does the you that stares out from behind those eyes live? In your cells, in your DNA, your central nervous system? Do you live in your mind? Are you your mind?

Have you ever noticed that when you experience anything — a moment, an event or circumstance and that while you participate and enjoy or not these things that occur; that part of you sits back and watches everything? Many call this the observer, the witness, your spirit, your soul, whatever name you choose — it is that part of you that is always connected to source — it stands back and witnesses everything. Your eternal being resides here and always stays in direct communication with source for without that connection you would die.

If we are always connected why must we then connect? Does this seem confusing to you? Yes, you are always connected with source, period and nothing can sever that relationship. But the part of you that stays connected is not in your conscious mind. When i talk about connecting with source, i mean consciously. For too long we have made the part of our being that is connected with source sit in the back of the bus. Many things — your life falls apart, you get sick, things don’t go your way, you lose your job, your lover, your house, whatever is consuming your life.

The father-mother God of your being won’t stay in the back of the bus for long — especially if something in you awakens. Yes, you can have all that you desire but not at the cost of your soul.

The relationship with source is different for everyone. It doesn’t take your believing in source for source to empower your being. Nor can you tell another person how their relationship with source is supposed to be. It is a very individual experience. It is the most intimate of relationships you will ever experience. Source never leaves you, never lies to you, and never makes you feel guilty. Source loves you unconditionally and always says yes to you — even if your belief is such that you feel the universe says no. The universe will support whatever you believe to be true.

An important fact to understand: the universe always says yes even when you perceive it to be no. When you experience no, what you are experiencing is your belief in no so the universe says yes by supporting your no. You define your world. Source does not do that for you. Source is not your ego, your personality or any trait or characteristic of your being. Source is not your belief structure or your religious undertakings. Source is Divine Infinite Wisdom. Some call it God, Energy, Allah, Yahweh — it is known by many names or none.

You can ask your source about anything and it will answer. It answers by giving you a feeling. If you feel calm and peaceful — that is your answer — which can be interpreted as yes. If you feel more confused and at unrest — this can be interpreted as no.

As you develop your own relationship with your source you will find what form of communication works for you. There are no set rules and this is a very personal relationship — one that no one but you and source together share. The point is this: more than a body, more than a personality, or an ego, you are a divine child of the universe with an eternal spirit.

You come from source, you exist because of source, and someday you return to source. Critical for your well-being as well as for your endeavours in this journey of creating your reality and learning to become the real you — the divine child of the universe — connecting with your source is a step you must make on your own.

This is a very personal journey, no man; woman or child can come between you and your Source. Death cannot separate you from your source. Source is the very source of your being. The part of you that does not reside in the physical realm — the part of you that constantly maintains twentyfour hour access to all things, known and unknown, seen and unseen stands a mere breath away.

Laurie J Brenner


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