Friday, June 5, 2009

Character Formation !!!!

All the troubles of the world are because of warped intelligence and wicked activity. That is why after diagnosing the cause of a disease, it should be attacked at its very roots. The best method of social-service is to rescue the people from lowly thinking and activity and direct them towards excellence. If people change their method, then on the strength of their tremendous inner capacity, they themselves can solve their backwardness and difficulties.

We should co-operate in directing their activities on to the good moral path. They should be led with such qualitative leadership that they will give up their destructive activities and themselves start taking interest in constructive works. The only way to self -development is that we spread our friendliness in a wider area. By considering others’ happiness as ours and their sorrow too as ours, let us think and act to reduce their sorrow and increase their happiness.

No man has that much capacity that he will employ all his wealth in removing others’ wants. Neither can the 24 hours of the day be employed for public-service. Even then, there should be a strong sentiment that after fulfilling our minimum requirements, all the remnants should be dedicated for the removal of societal backwardness, difficulties, wants and grief.

To-day the world has discarded the robe of excellence and replaced it with the cloak of meanness. Life itself has become hellish because of the entry of meanness in our method of thinking and working. Gradually we are proceeding towards collective suicide by being busy in internal squabbles, quarrels in homes, and mutual torture.

In such a situation, human race can be served in only one way, that is, it should be saved from illusory, indiscreet and immoral thinking and prepared to develop logical discretion and to take shelter of pure intelligence. In today’s situation, that is the greatest service to the society.

By revolutionary thinking, the current miserable condition can be changed and heaven made to descend on earth. There is unlimited strength in purity of thinking. Whenever thinking is done on any subject with purity in viewpoint, then a situation can be assessed in an impartial and neutral way and any decision taken is also in the interest of all.

Divinity is the natural quality in men which they have received right from their childhood. This divinity gradually gets lost only because of polluted thinking. Therefore refinement and purity in thinking is extremely necessary. Only those men are able to rouse discretionary thinking in people, who establish idealistic thinking for moral regeneration. It is our pious duty to include this excellence in our character.

Religiousness means religious conduct. To respect religion in every field oft life, to follow the injunctions of religion, is itself called religious conduct. ‘Dharma’ not only means religion (as regards spiritual science and worship), but it has several other meanings including ‘moral duty’; but unfortunately politicians and the so-called intellectuals are twisting the interpretation of the word ‘dharma’ to suit their selfish ends.

In reality religion is beneficial to man in every field. The question of narrowness does not at all arise in religion. In fact religion contributes to a wide and vast viewpoint. Real religion does not talk of putting blindfolds on the eyes, but enjoins us to remove them. No religion produces jealousy, malice and such perversities. Religion in the real moral sense creates an atmosphere of good thinking and love. Religion and humanity are mutually complementary.

Man can never remain without religion, and religion cannot remain anywhere except in man. Religion means a rule for carrying out one’s responsibility, in other words, ‘self-accepted imposition for achieving excellence’. Every field of activity has its own ‘dharma’ such as, teacher’s dharma, student’s dharma, people’s dharma, leader’s dharma, soldier’s dharma, servant’s dharma, father’s dharma, women’s dharma etc. Religion does not mean mere worship or rituals.

Dharma is a symbol of the entire life, because it pervades every aspect of life. Dharma is good activities, good deeds and truthful conduct. A ‘dharmik’ man is a man of good conduct, is satisfied, quiet (at peace), disciplined and restrained. Never does he get angry, has no malice, does not ridicule others, nor disrespect others. His main qualities are mental purity, truthfulness in conduct and excellent sentiments-for public-welfare. A religious man does not show off his religion. He is busy in his duties with a quiet and unselfish attitude. He relies upon excellence in thinking and simplicity in life. He always utilizes his total capacity and insight for deeds of public-welfare and removes the obstacles in the path with patience and firmness. A life of simplicity propounds the ideal of high thinking. Prosperity lies
in simplicity only and in that only lies one’s reputation.

To disrespect religion is like discarding humanness and acknowledging animalness. For animals there is no religion except fulfilling the needs of their bodies. If an animal coming in the path creates an obstacle, then to drive it away with its horns, to frighten it or to kill it ( i.e. selfish survival) is the only ‘dharma’ of animals. Animals do not have a sense of respect, sentiments, discretion, tradition, society and culture. These exist for man only and therefore at every step in life he has to conduct himself according to the rules laid down in religion. The essence of religion lies only in obliging or helping others, mutual co-operation, compassion, and living together. Conduct according to the rules laid down in the religion is the only basis for excellent character.

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