Thursday, October 9, 2008

Success Keys

Hell and Heaven.

A good man after his death was given a choice to reside in Hell or Heaven.. He requested for a permission to visit both before deciding. He first went to hell .

Contrary to his expectation, hell looked to be a rich place. He went to the lunch room and he saw the delicious dishes being served.

However he was surprised to see that the residents looked famished and ill and were not eating. He realized that they had no elbow joints so could not bend their arms and feed. So all they could do is to look at the food and fight

He quickly wanted to visit heaven. When he entered heaven he found out residents having similar deformity - no elbow joint. He was shocked , expecting that they will also face the same predicament as the hell’s residence

But to his pleasant surprise they were happy joking and looked well fed . He moved to the dinner room and then he saw the most beautiful sight. The residents as they could not bend their hands were feeding each other with the straightened arms.


Why we cannot follow the doctrine of mutual help in our own life?

Why are we always selfish in our behaviour?

Are we sensitive to other’s needs?

We always think of I, me , myself ……?

Live in the Present

Once a clock master was repairing a clock.

The pendulum requested the clock master to be relieved of it’s duty of ticking. It said “ I am exhausted ticking every second, 60 times a minutes 3600 times an hour , 86400 times every day and 31536000 times in an year. I cannot do more, I can't continue….”

The click master replied “do not think for the future just tick one second a day and you will enjoy it to the rest of your life.”

The pendulum decided to follow the advice and is still ticking happily.

The present moment is never unbearable if we live it fully.

We most of the time swing from past to present to future and are always unhappy.

What holds us living in present ??

How to see , feel here, now…?

Think about the present , live the current moment, current hour , current day, current week….?

God Help

A disciple visited the saint and left his horse untied outside. He bowed to the saint saying that he has full faith in God and have left his horse untied with the belief that God will protect his interest.

The saint replied , “go tie your horse you fool. God will not bother to do such thing which you are perfectly capable of doing.”

Be Accountable of your Actions

Do not depend on God what you can do on your own.

We blame our destiny, external circumstances to cover up our lack of efforts

We should be accountable for our actions.


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