Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tattoos etch out your spiritual side.

Tattoos etch out your spiritual side

According to body art enthusiast Pip Russell — who has been tattooing people for eight years — tattoos carry deeper meaning for people who wear them. “It’s really nice that people are looking a bit deeper into their spirituality,” the 41- year-old says. She has also photographed some of her best work and a selection of shots can now be seen at the West Coast Gallery in Piha. The show Show Us Your Tatts exhibition is being held as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography till June 15.
Pip has 15 tattoos and started working on other people in 1999. “It seemed to be where my creativity fitted the best,” she says. Her own designs have been overshadowed by anything and everything since she’s worked in a commercial studio, she says. Some are mementos of home for people headed overseas — others are Maori-based. The Bethells Beach resident says body art used to be more of a man’s world. But not any more she says. “There are some amazing young female artists out there.”

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