Thursday, April 9, 2009

What do you say when someone asks you, "How are you doing?" Let's say you are enjoying a spectacular day. The sun is shining. You found the perfect parking place under a shade tree after a hassle-free drive to work. Everyone compliments you on your great new outfit. Absolutely everything is going your way.

You probably reply with a cheery, "Terrific!"

But what if every little thing is going wrong today and you are in one foul mood. In fact, you could just about chew off the head of the person who asked how you are doing. What do you reply? I bet you say something like "Awful" (only you may use a stronger word with fewer letters). Or you may offer the generic reply, "Fine."

Remember that your subconscious mind obeys your every command. Whatever words fall out of your mouth become its orders to fulfill. So your Terrific will lead to more events leaving you in a terrific mood.

And the "Awful" will, in turn, lead you to more events that leave you feeling awful. That is how the Law works.

How can you improve your day in this very moment and brighten the rest of the hours today? Pretty simple solution--regardless of how you think you feel--reply to "How are you doing?" with "Great! Excellent!" Use a word that, simply because you utter it with feeling--your whole demeanor switches into this feeling of yes!

Don't think about it. Just do it. Do that for a whole day. I bet you will notice a difference in how your day goes.You discovered the quickest solution to be happier.

Ali Bierman shows you how to be happier by changing the unknown belief systems that stop you cold.


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