Friday, April 10, 2009

It is easy to do nothing.
Yet what is easiest is not always what is best.
It is easy to hope for the best outcome.
To actually bring it about often requires difficult
and even painful decisions, actions and solid,
tangible commitment.

It is easy to criticize the actions of others,
particularly in hindsight, or to speculate about what
should have been done.
But nothing ever has been accomplished by criticism
or speculation alone.
Accomplishment comes from those who are willing
to put themselves on the line.
The world moves forward because of those people
who step up to do what is right and what is best,
rather than just what is easiest.

Taking the easy way out can often lead to results
that are not so easy to handle.
Doing nothing is easy to justify and easy to implement,

but in the long run it ends up being a difficult,
burdensome way to live.

Make your choices based not on what is easy,
but on what is best, and do what you know needs to be done.
That's the strategy to take you where you truly would like to be.

Ralph Marston


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