Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wear A Positive a Attitude!!!

Motivation / demotivation is an inner feeling and it should come from within . Also it is always changing & dynamic.Today we are in a highly competetive environment. So always have a possitive attitude and do your best . Over a period of time , even your own boss herself will realise your potential and give the credit due for your good work.After that in your life you need not look back.Then Success will come to you always in all ways.

Change is everywhere.

Change, before it’s too late. No one likes change. But if we are not changing ourselves with the requirement and expectation of the environment / customer then we will be thrown out by our competitors. We should understand that the word ‘ Change ‘ alone remains the same forever all other things are changing. The world is going to change and also change drastically. Hence we have to get a plan, a programme together to deal with a decade that was totally different. If we adapt ourselves to change then we will be having always -new products, new business, new competitors, new market, new environment and new greater heights in our life style also. The only question facing all of us is what are we going to do in response to the changing environment? If we find a suitable answer to this question then we will be able to participate effectively and add value creation in our day- to- day work. Hence one should accept the following points with open mind to achieve peak through participation. Be open to change. Remember resisting change is easy. Make sure that our employees embrace change. Always be ready to face reality.

One’s goal should be to transform business into the best or to the near best in the world. To help one to get there the strategy to be adapted is always be ready to face reality. It may sound simple but getting any group of people to see the world the way it is and not the way they wish it were or hope it will be, is not as easy as it sounds. It needs lot of restructuring and which is equivalent to business process reengineering concept. The following points will help to reengineer our efforts and to face reality in our day- to -day working environment.

Face reality – those who avoid reality are doomed to failure. Having faced reality, act on the reality – adapt business strategies to that reality. By doing this there is a chance that one can turn his business around. One can be sure that if he sticks on to this there is no question that you will fail.

Create a vision and then get out of the way.

Business is very simple. People who try to make it complex get themselves all wound around. To keep business simple, a good manager has to ask himself five questions as part of the process of making clear, swift decisions, but they must be the right five questions. What does your global competitive environment look like?

1. In the past three years, what have your competitors done?

2. How might they attack you in the near future?

3. In the same time period what have you done to them?

4. What are your plans to leap frog them?

Managing and participating is allocating right people and right resources, give them what they need and then get out of the way. Managers must lead with vision and then scream it from the rooftops.

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