Thursday, October 29, 2009

By Nisal Karuiyaratna

According to the ancient Vedic thought, there are seven circles (Chakras) of energy referred to as energy wheels in the human body. These are present along the meridian of the body.

There are seven of these wheels (although a few more mystical practitioners say there are 14),

These begin at the base of the spine/genitals (root chakra) and extend right up to the top of the head (crown chakra).

In between there are: the orange chakra of the womb or belly; the golden chakra of the solar plexus; the green chakra of the heart; the blue chakra of the throat; and the indigo chakra known as the third eye, on the center of the forehead. The base chakra is red, and the crown chakra is violet right above the head but as its circumference extends outward, away from the head, it turns whiter.

As well as each chakra being associated with a particular color, they are numbered from one to seven with the base chakra being number one and the crown chakra being number seven.

The first chakra controls our physical health and vitality and our sexual health.

The second chakra is responsible for all of our creative powers.

Chakra three is responsible for our will power and desires.

The fourth chakra is responsible for our emotions and helps us to both give and receive love.

The fifth chakra gives us communicative power, loops our emotions in with our thinking, and gives us personal magnetism.

The sixth chakra commands intuition and psychic powers and insights, (hence the sixth sense).

The seventh chakra is used to take us on astral voyages and connects us with cosmic awareness, some of which is what is captured and brought back down to the second chakra during artistic practices and which is also accessed on shamanic journeys.

When people feel they are connecting directly with God, they are focusing the energies of their seventh, purple-white, crown chakra.

The principle behind these chakras or wheels is that in a clean and healthy mind, these wheels will spin freely. And a spinning wheel will emit the most positive and strongest good energies for the person. However, if these wheels cannot spin due to some blockage, the person will experience sickness problems, both mentally and physically amid his or her chakras.

The secret to health is that these chakras should be balanced. In case even one wheel is more active than others, the result can be addictions, neuroses, obsessive-compulsive disorders or unintentional cruelty.

There is constant worry that these chakras will become blocked. For instance, some people who possess a negative attitude towards sexual relations or have a poor diet will experience ill health or broken romantic relations primarily because they have disturbed the base red chakra.

If you start dabbling in things like black magic or even destructive negative thoughts about other people you are likely to unbalance or clog up the seventh crown chakra which will mean you are unable to connect with the higher cosmos and you are left feeling totally empty and fearful.

One of the most important aspects of a healthy, rapidly spinning chakra wheel is its flexibility; that is, it can open to receive energy from something good but close to repel energy from something bad. A mind is just like a hand: if it cannot both open and close then it's broken. And a chakra is just like a mind-if it is healthy then it can both open and close as need be.

Everyone can control his or her chakras. All it requires is a daily exercise to focus in a balanced way on the energies commanded by these seven chakras. At a determined time each day, you will need to meditate by focusing one by one on the energy of the chakras and how it is apparent in your life. You can even visualize the energy of a particular chakra while carrying out this exercise.

When you meditate, you will be able to pinpoint the chakra that requires cleansing. Thereafter just concentrate on making that energy category strong so that the energies are restored to their healthiest best.

Some people find it easier to meditate using a gem stone which is the same color as the chakra they are working on which allows them to get a clear image in their mind as to what needs to be done to make it healthier.

Many people find that the simplest way is to listen to the frequencies of each chakra in turn which results in your own chakras resonating with these frequencies, which then results in them becoming completely balanced.

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