Wednesday, October 28, 2009

By Jossy Grishan

In 1963, Christian Louboutin, the world's most well-known and famous shoe designer was born. He started making designs of shoes in his notebooks when he was in his schooldays. Almost all of those designs were utilized in the future collection of Louboutin shoes. The fashion schools of Saint Laurent's and Chanel's that he attended had great significance for him. Christian Louboutin got the muse to be a shoe designer from a billboard which instructed the travelers not to make any scratch on the wooden surface in front of the Oceanic Art Museum in Paris. At the beginning he opened a boutique shop and started his career. The shop became famous right away and his shoes were designed in styles such as Oriental to Georgian. In Addition, he used to make flat boots that are calf-hugging and shoes that were platform-soled.

Christian Louboutin shoes are multi metallic leather sling backs, feather sandals with a T-strap and flip-flops with high- heeled jewel. Louboutin shoes are often worn by the women of the glamor world like Naomi Campbell, Ashley Olsen and Carmen Electra. The wedding shoes of Christian Louboutin are quite popular in the markets of Europe. These shoes are easily recognized in the shoe designers' world because of their range among women and variable color patterns. Soles that are red in color and are made of leather are the trademark of Christian Louboutin shoe. Today Louboutin brand has made a particularly strong position in the fashion world and have a massive fan club all around the world.

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