Thursday, October 29, 2009

By Jemal Jelil

The best way of making love to your wife so she'll adore you and get enjoyment out of satisfying you is uncomplicated, make it about her.

Exert the time to guarantee that it's an exciting experience for her.

Know when she needs to be cuddled, caress her.

If she needs a caring gift, buy her one.

No, not just an activity! Here's a pretty easy one, if she likes flowers make sure you get her one. But think hard about it, know what flowers she prefer, what colors she likes better.

Put an effort in selecting your gift. Get the florist's help if you need. Don't forget to put love and thought into it. Never mind that you feel gay choosing flowers. If you genuinely love your wife then you can get through it.

Praise her when she wants it and like before, give her some attention. Be sincere.

If she needs something to be done for her, do it without she telling to you. Weed her garden when she's not expecting it. She'll surely feel special.

Make time to communicate with her.

Different women have different likes (although they have many likenesses), so know about your wife's specific tastes.

And that's the secret to a happy marriage: pay attention, man!

Now you know what you must do, it's time to know what you must avoid.

1) Hurl personal criticisms at her, by talking about things like, "Why are you always such a (fill in the blank)?!"

2) Get all defensive when she says concerns you don't agree with. Just stay present with her and try to understand her perception.

3) Be offensive with her, by not listening when she's quarreling with you. Avoid taking "low blows" at her, and stuff like that.

4) Exclude her out, especially when the situation is not yet clear. If there's anything that can thrust her away the most, then it will be this. Even when you believe that you can no longer deal with the situation, you should try real hard to be with her.

Otherwise, you'll alienate your wife, and she might end up finding that connection with some other guy. I hate saying that when she really wanted it with you.

A cheating wife is someone that I can never tolerate. It's something that disgusts me on a personal level and also on a moral level. But this article is not for the women.

This article is for fellow husbands and you only have power over your own self. So take charge of your life. Your wife will naturally follow you or you might decide she's not the best partner for you.

Nevertheless, if you employ the tips I've included here, you'll certainly find yourself in a blissful marriage and not busied learning how to discover your wife being unfaithful, and studying stuff like unfaithful cheating wife signs.

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