Thursday, October 29, 2009

Common Methods of Cleansing Our Chakras

By Anne-Marie Laureaut

Considering the various environmental, physical and metaphysical influences our chakras are subjected to on a regular basis, it becomes a necessity for us to engage in chakra cleansing. Attaining balance and harmony between the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being requires regular chakra cleansing in order to maintain harmony and continually rebuild our energy systems. The importance of chakra cleansing can not be understated because all phases of our life are interconnected and should work as one for beneficial and energetic living.

Following are some of the conventional chakra cleansing methods man uses for thousands of years:

1. Regularly burning incense or certain herbs and plants and allowing ourselves to soak in the smoke can negate the negative effect of obstacles to our energy points. Smudging is an age-old practice known to people of diverse cultures and civilization as an effective method if achieving balance and harmony in life.

2. Auric brushing with the aid of crystals and gems is one way to cleanse our chakras of blockages but it should be done judiciously as it is potentially a double-edged knife, it can cause damage if not done by a well-experienced person.

3. A wholesome lifestyle, drinking plenty of clean water, tea and fruit juices, plus enough sleep and moderation are highly suggested in order to preserve the function of our chakras.

4. Performing regular physical and breathing exercises are also necessary to achieve and maintain the health and stability of our chakras. The obvious benefits of exercise to our body are also an important consideration in doing physical activities and appropriate breathing techniques.

5. Relating with nature can have positive effects on your energy systems.

6. Color therapy is another effective chakra cleansing practice. Colors, with their effects on individuals can successfully be used in initiating chakra cleansing either by visualization or by looking at the real color.

7. Music has long been known as a way by which we achieve relaxation. Listening to music is a very helpful chakra cleansing strategy because a relaxed chakra is one that functions at optimum level and equally benefits the corresponding endocrine system connected to it.

8. Rousing our mental power and taking on in intellectual interests are critical factors to keep up a healthy chakra. Since there are times that the mind takes rests, it needs to be exercised in order to combat the aging process. It is necessary to maintain our mental activity at all times.

9. Meditation or spending time alone with ourselves for a few minutes daily is enough to let us keep in touch with our thoughts and emotional feelings. Meditation is also a powerful chakra cleansing technique because it makes us conscious of everything that is in our environment.

10. Self love is also important as you can never love somebody if you do not love your own self first. Besides, feeling in love releases certain chemicals that are good for our body and in the same way, anger also releases a different set of chemicals. It is our task to maintain a certain balance between the two to improve our energy systems.

11. Be aware of your emotions and express them to others responsibly. Repressed thoughts and feelings create energy jams that block the flow of energy and prevent good health.

12. Be creative in everything that you do even if it is not related to the arts. Enjoy your tasks and perform them in a jovial manner and they would not be a drudgery.

13. Coming to terms with our past lives and understanding its significance can provide us a deep awareness of our purpose as a human being.

14. Live a life anchored on the moral values of respect, trust, decency, honesty and truthfulness. This will make you a more constructive and reliable person that others would trust.

15. Communicate with your Creator through prayer. Praying is a fundamental part of our health and energy systems because it is an acknowledgement of humility and a sign of respect for the Almighty. It also helps put us at ease and make us sensitive to our environment.

All the above chakra cleansing methods are of great consequence. It is not obligatory to employ them all at the same time but it is suggested to use these techniques in conjunction with one another. Start off with two or three and gradually add the others as you progress. Keep in mind that chakra cleansing is not achieved overnight; it is a lifetime process but very rewarding.

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