Friday, January 15, 2010

Students Taking Part Time Jobs

By Alex Wu

Taking part time jobs while studying at high school and college? Why not? That is a good idea to practice your soft skills and maybe academic knowledge as well. Now with the intense influence of Internet, students can find many part time jobs online. The chance is not limited to offline jobs anymore. You can find many new jobs on the web as many companies and Internet entrepreneurs also need part time employees to help with their business operational. Well, in fact part time employees also bring advantages for their businesses. They have wider selection of people to recruit, so that it is easier to get the best talents.

Also, they can find the most competitive rate in the market. Students just have good opportunity to do something they like and earn money. There are many part time jobs for students such as child care, house cleaning, tutor, personal assistant, administration work, web designer, public relation, programmer, tour guide, book keeper, writer, editors, photographers, store keeper, and else. You can basically do any job that is available in your community, job you like, or job that pays good enough. But students taking part time jobs also have more challenges than those who do not. It is not easy to keep the balance between work and study. However, the more you need money and realize the importance of finishing study on time, the better you should be able to manage your time. Two big tips for students who plan to do part time jobs: prepare yourself and avoid time conflict.

1. Prepare yourself from the beginning. Doing part time jobs is not an easy decision. Even though the job does not contract you and the pay is not that high, you can not treat it as you like. Responsible and reliability are the keys. Be ready for the time and opportunity cost you sacrifice for the chosen decision. Many people just want to take it on and off, find job when they need money and then go when they have got enough for the moment. What if you can do better than them?

Maintain good relationship with people and build network. Part time job should be treated as professional work. You never know what is waiting ahead. But by doing good since the beginning, you have better chance to get better job and higher pay. Yet you leave good impression for the employers. Be professional: finish the work on time, give notice period if you want to resign, be pro-active, be willing to learn new things, and have initiatives.

2. Avoid time conflict between your class, study, and work schedule. It is good to plan everything far ahead to make sure you manage them accordingly. Make priorities, but do not be afraid to tolerate what seems to be impossible. You will know from experience that you can do better than what you presume before if you are serious and motivated. Keep in mind that to whatever extent you need money, study is still the first to consider.

You need to finish the study on time to be able to do farther for yourself and your future. Time is everything, after all. Do not let the income from part time jobs drives you away from the first responsibility because it is just not worth it. Do part time jobs to your maximum capability, but do not push them.

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