Wednesday, January 13, 2010

By Jerry Wong

Arranging and organising activities linked to funerals are generally left in charge of undertakers, who are also known as funeral directors. Mentioned below are a few of the essential skills and personal qualities that undertakers must possess to rise in their job.

An undertaker should be active and be willing to work beyond normal schedule, as he should be available 24 hours a day. He must be prepared to spend a lot of time outside because of the nature of the job.

The undertaker should be able to understand the sentiments of clients, listen and understand their requirements and communicate lucidly. With clients hailing from many religions, cultures and communities he should be able to communicate with and manage each one of them successfully. He must be compassionate and should empathize with others. As an undertaker, he is also required to comfort the family in their moment of grief, and he must not allow pain or sorrow to cloud his abilities.

Although the job is by nature serious and distressful, the undertakers must bring dignity and serenity to the proceedings instead of more sorrow or unhappiness through their demeanour.

By nature, undertakers must be broad minded. They should be willing to respect the faith and beliefs of all communities and must be knowledgeable in this field. They should be conscious of different customs and rituals followed by different groups during the funeral service.

A successful undertaker will essentially possess good organizational skills and managerial abilities. A number of services will need to be organized by the undertaker and this will need good communication and managerial ability from the undertaker.

Legalities and other official formalities to be followed in case of a death must be familiar to the undertaker who will have to get the requisite approvals etc for the funeral proceedings and other related things. He will need to be fully aware of procedures to be followed for the purpose of collecting death certificates or claims for insurance.

Finally, an undertaker should know driving and should possess an appropriate driving license, as he may be required to drive vehicles to transport the deceased.

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