Wednesday, January 13, 2010

By Wilma Reyes

If a near and dear one has passed away, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with grief and unable to come to terms with the great loss and the void that his or her death has created. But it is important to overcome that sorrow and make preparations for the funeral proceedings for which a suitable casket is necessary.

It is extremely hard to be able to focus on the quality, price and other aspects of a casket that you intend to purchase during this emotionally draining and traumatic time. In case the departed had already made his or her preferences known for the casket, or if a particular kind of casket is a cultural requirement for the deceased person's family then this job becomes much simpler.

Caskets can be of several shapes, sizes and styles, with prices varying accordingly. They are usually divided into two key categories, funeral caskets and burial caskets. Funeral caskets allow for the visitors to glimpse the departed during ceremonies but burial caskets are generally only used at the time of burial.

You can choose from metal, fibre, wood, and even marble caskets for the funeral. In previous times, wooden caskets were preferred and selection from various types of wood like mahogany, maple, oak etc could be made. Wooden caskets are of great quality and look very elegant and nice when polished, but these are also priced higher than caskets made of other materials. In comparison, metal caskets, which are usually cheaper, come in copper, bronze, and stainless steel and are available in an array of colours and designs.

Caskets made of eco friendly material are also gaining popularity as people are becoming conscious of their responsibility towards the environment to protect our planet Earth. The material used in them is eco friendly and causes no damage to the environment. These caskets are a great alternative if the departed person was sensitive to environment conservation.

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