Wednesday, January 13, 2010

By Helen Esteban

Funeral directors provide an excellent source of support and compassion to a family that is reeling under the sorrow of the recent death of a near and dear one. They take charge of the whole process of making arrangements for the funeral service and look after every small detail allowing the family to cope with their loss without facing the hassles of the proceedings.

The duties of a funeral director are manifold, including moving the deceased to the burial place from where the body was kept, be it the house or a morgue. Formalities and all the documentation involved like acquiring a death certificate, approvals for holding the funeral, organ donation process if any, and much more will need to be overseen by the funeral director.

A good funeral director also acts as the point of contact for all services critical for the funeral like handling vendors of flowers, music, food etc. He will be responsible for organising publication of obituaries in papers and informing the funeral service venue and programme to anticipated attendees, who could be the relatives or friends of the deceased.

After consulting with the family, the funeral director decides on an appropriate date, venue and time for both the memorial service and the final rites. He makes preparations for close family and friends to come together to express their sorrow and have a final glimpse of the departed before the final rites. On the funeral day, his task ends only after he oversees all procedures until the grave is finally sealed.

A funeral director must be sympathetic and committed to make sure of a smooth and organized funeral service and help the grieving family sail through the toughest time of their lives. Thus, a licensed funeral director who has sufficient experience and recommendations must be selected for funeral proceedings. He must have an established reputation for sincerity and capability so that he can fulfil all necessary requirements without putting you through any further difficulties.

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    scarlet reynolds said...
    It is possible however to arrange a funeral without the help of a funeral director, but most people find it easier to ask professional funeral directors to take care of all the necessary practicalities for them.

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