Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wedding Event Photography

By Jude Matthews Wong

An event photographer is someone who you want to photograph your wedding. You will want them to possess a few qualities such as style, motivation, experience and good communication. An excellent event photographer will only posses these qualities through experience, so make sure that they are well trained and can focus on what you want is important.

Every event photographer will have their own style. The photographers style should coincide with your idea of the type of wedding pictures you want. Otherwise a horrible experience might be the end result. Depending on the style that your event photographer will use will vary. Traditional and wild are two extreme styles of photographers. Photos of the bride and groom, and the wedding party are examples of a traditional style. Wild styles can be anywhere from being completely serious in all of the pictures to making funny faces.

An event photographer should be highly motivated, try to find one who is. You do not want to have someone who is inactive and sitting around missing all the good pictures they could be capturing. Motivation isn't just about doing the job, but enjoying it and communicating are also involved.

Experience can only come to an event photographer over time. Make sure you ask your photographer how long they have been in the business, where they attended school and for how long, and who they were employed with before they went into business for themselves (if that is the case). This should help you when making a clear decision on an event photographer. If they are now employed by themselves you can find out what kind of work they produced when they were employed by asking their previous employer. It may be a devious way of getting information but it is better to find out then to have horrible pictures produced.

Make sure that you are relaxed around your event photographer. And they should try to make you feel comfortable and relaxed when around them. Later on at the wedding, this will help them to capture the precious photos. If you are nervous around your event photographer you will see that emotion in your wedding pictures.

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