Saturday, January 16, 2010

By Adriana Noton

Toronto, Ontario is a vibrant city that is home to a diverse population of people from all walks of life. Toronto citizens have recognized that many residents have specific needs. Many members of the community have established a wide range of groups and associations to represent the goals and needs of its citizens. Some associations are not-for profit and some are for-profit organizations. Every Toronto association has a common goal of improving the lives of Torontonians.

The following is a list of responsible associations in Toronto, Ontario:

1. Seniors and Caregivers Support Service Unit at Family Service Toronto: This association provides social support services to seniors and their caregivers. Their work involves education and training programs in such areas as accessing community resources, educational and training programs in anger and quilt, elder abuse, memory loss and aging...etc. They provide advocacy work, counseling, support group meetings, coping with debilitating conditions, stress, bereavement and more.

2. The Down Syndrome Association of Toronto: This not-for-profit association provides an informational and social support network for parents of children with Down syndrome as well as to teachers of students with Down syndrome. Their goal is to expose and correct myths about Down syndrome, encourage and promote valuable services for people who have Down syndrome, and help classrooms adjust to the integration of students with Down syndrome into regular classes, and organize events for Down Syndrome Awareness Week.

3. Toronto Vegetarian Association: This volunteer association provides information and support to people who are interested in making greener and healthier food choices. They promote the consumption of non-animal foods, provide educational materials about living a vegetarian life, and promote Toronto's diverse vegetarian communities.

4. Canadian Diabetes Association Toronto Branch: This association provides educational material on diabetes, offers support groups, fundraises for diabetes research, advocates on behalf of people with diabetes, promotes early detection and prevention methods for the community, and provides services for people affected by diabetes.

5. Electronic Recycling Association, Toronto Branch: This association is a not-for-profit group working that helps individuals and businesses in the community to safely dispose of unwanted electronic items. They collect old electronics such as old computers for recycling and donate them back to the community such as local schools, libraries, senior homes, charities, and other community organizations. This is all done for free.

6. Strength To Walk In Freedom Together (S.W.I.F.T): This group is a non-profit organization that runs support groups for people in the community who are afflicted with social phobias, afflicted with depression, anxiety, substance abuse problems, and have marital problems. There are no fees for attending the support groups. There are 5 locations in the metro Toronto area.

7. Parents Without Partners - Toronto Chapter: This is a non-profit support group that offers programs for single parents and their children. The events, services, and programs, services offered by Parents Without Partners Toronto are run by volunteers who are single parents. They organize activities in the following areas: parent social activities, family and youth activities. The goal is to help single parents through difficult times and make new friends.

The city of Toronto, Ontario provides a wealth of resources for its citizens. The fundamental objective of these associations is to ensure that the needs of residents are being met.

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