Friday, January 15, 2010

By Mike McTait

Regardless if you've been married nine months or twenty years, if you would like your marriage to continue for a long time then you have to heed the warning signals that your marriage may well be in trouble. If you notice some of these problems in your marriage appearing, you have to understand that you and your spouse would surely benefit from marriage help.

Communication Problems

Did you know that the most common cause for marriage problems to happen is communication breakdown? Do you find your dinner conversations filled with silence and down-ward stares directed only at the food on the plates? If this is the circumstances at your home, you need to consider your marriage and how you and your spouse converse.

On the other hand, perhaps your home is filled with hardly any pleasant words but lots of unkind shouting on a regular basis. When voices are raised, it's a certain sign that spouses think that they aren't being listened to. This is another signal that communication problems exist in your marriage. When partners can not communicate successfully, problems can arise in all areas of their marriage. The call for marriage help can happen swiftly in such state of affairs.

An Indifferent Partner

Imagine this scenario; the kids are fighting again in the house. One partner steps in to cease the situation before it ends in tears. The other partner remains silent during the clash, as normal.

When one parent takes the lead and the other remains completely silent, this is a obvious signal of a difference of opinion in parenting styles or an additional underlying issue. If the parenting styles differ drastically, it may be a fine idea to talk about the reasons for the conflicting opinions. At times big differences in opinions can produce a need for marriage help. No two parents will ever rear children in the precise same way but the important thing to remember is that spouses must work mutually.

Extramarital Affairs

Are you constantly examining your spouse's possessions for signs of an affair? If you suspect that they are having an extramarital affair, then it is a explicit red light warning signal for you. If this is so, then trust is an issue in your marriage, therefore marriage help is needed immediately as an extramarital affair is a severe problem. Even if your spouse is actually faithful, there is a reason why you are doubtful. You need to consult a therapist or other professional at once for marriage help.

A Lack of Intimacy

Is your relationship intimacy at a level you are at ease with? Intimacy and sex are different, yet strongly related. If you believe that you and your partner share matching personal thoughts, feelings, and goals, this is a good sign that your intimacy level is just right. But when the most personal conversations between spouses only delve into the problems at work, a problem is obvious.

Sexual Issues

Dilemmas in bed is a sign that marriage help can be necessary. Talking to your partner about the sexual area of your marriage could be uncomfortable, yet it is a common part of a married couple's time together. If sexual issues come up, it is best to look for marriage help from a counselor or sex therapist.

Marriage or any relationship can be filled with good and bad moments, but you need to watch for these signs of trouble in your marriage. If you see the resemblance between your marriage and the preceding situations, it is time to ponder marriage help. To know when to seek marriage help is the first step to an improved, adoring, and enduring marriage.

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