Friday, January 15, 2010

By Stewart L. Haney

You could end up with the powerful emotional urge to need to get together with your ex after your breakup, but often getting back along with your ex isn't the neatest thing for you to do. There would be two things you need to evaluate with your prior relationship, as well as appraise inside yourself, to be ready to work out what your best move it, whether or not it is to get together again with your ex or to simply move on to a new relationship with some other person. Here are 2 things that you may use to help make that call.

You Feel Uncertain

When you are feeling uncertain on your call to get together with your ex, or if you have got a lot of doubt in your consciousness, then it's far better if you don't push thru with it for the mean time. Deciding to get together again with an ex requires a large amount of commitment and care, particularly since you are working with your ex feelings apart from your own, which is the reason why you need to make certain that your heart is truly in it. Don't get together with your ex if you do not actually wish to do it as this will only result in another break up.

Many Unresolved Issues

If you and your ex still has plenty of unresolved issues, then it is better if you opt to mend those issues first before making any plans of getting back together as this can help straighten out some things in your relationship that may have made it fail in the 1st place. The main issue you need to attempt to fix is the real cause for your break up. After you get that out of the way, you can begin to attempt to rekindle the spark in your relationship already, as well as attempt to fix other issues that might have made a contribution to your conflict.

Your Ex Doesn't Want To

If your ex doesn't want to get back together with you, then you shouldn't force him to. That should be a clear sign for you to start moving on from your relationship and probably start a new relationship with somebody else. Just remember to give yourself time to move on from your previous relationship first before starting a new one, just to make sure that you are already over it and avoid any problems with your new one.

Your Ex Has Moved On

Once you see your ex in a new relationship with somebody else that is an indication that your ex is probably moving on from your relationship already. In this period in your break up, it isn't advisable to try and get back together with him because you might actually cause some problems with your ex new relationship. What more is you might ruin your ex chance to get over your break up.

Allow your ex to be OK with some other person since you already had your opportunity to make things work, and it did not always end well. Also, you had occasions to get together again with him, but now that your ex is with some other person, then that opportunity has passed you.

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