Monday, January 4, 2010

By Jason Kendall

For those interested in joining a web design team, studying Adobe Dreamweaver is vital to achieve professional credentials acknowledged around the world.

Additionally, it's good practice that students get an in-depth understanding of the entire Adobe Web Creative Suite, including Flash and Action Script, to have the facility to facilitate Dreamweaver commercially as a web-designer. This knowledge can result in you subsequently becoming an ACP (Adobe Certified Professional) or an ACE (Adobe Certified Expert).

Constructing a website is just the start of the skills needed though - to maintain content, create traffic, and work with dynamic database-driven sites, you will have to learn other programming skills, like HTML, PHP and MySQL. In addition, you should gain a good understanding of E-Commerce and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Usually, trainers will provide a bunch of books and manuals. This isn't very interesting and isn't the best way to go about achieving retention.

Research has time and time again shown that becoming involved with our studies, to utilise all our senses, is much more conducive to long-term memory.

Find a course where you'll get a host of CD and DVD based materials - you'll start with videos of instructor demonstrations, followed by the chance to fine-tune your skills in fully interactive practice sessions.

It would be silly not to view some of the typical study materials provided before you hand over your cheque. You should expect instructor demonstrations, video tutorials and interactive audio-visual sections with practice modules.

Opt for CD or DVD ROM based materials where possible. You're then protected from internet connection failure and issues with signal quality.

A typical blunder that many potential students make is to choose a career based on a course, rather than starting with where they want to get to. Universities are brimming over with students who took a course because it seemed fun - rather than what would get them their end-goal of a job they enjoyed.

Avoid becoming part of the group who set off on a track that seems 'fun' or 'interesting' - only to end up with a qualification for an unrewarding career path.

Spend some time thinking about what you want to earn and how ambitious you are. Often, this changes which particular accreditations you will need and what industry will expect from you in return.

Seek guidance and advice from an experienced professional, even if you have to pay - as it's a lot cheaper and safer to discover early on whether a chosen track will suit, instead of finding out following two years of study that you're doing entirely the wrong thing and have wasted years of effort.

A proficient and specialised advisor (vs a salesperson) will talk through your current experience level and abilities. This is paramount to calculating the point at which you need to start your studies.

With a little live experience or qualifications, you could discover that your appropriate starting-point is now at a different level to a new student.

It's wise to consider a user-skills course first. It will usually make your learning curve a much easier going.

The best type of package of training will incorporate accredited exam preparation packages.

Due to the fact that a lot of examination boards in IT come from the United States, you must be prepared for the way exams are phrased. It's no use simply going through the right questions - they need to be in the proper exam format.

Practice exams will prove invaluable for confidence building - so when it comes to taking the proper exam, you don't get uptight.

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