Saturday, January 9, 2010

By Samantha Hill

More and more people are looking for ways to enjoy their lives and fulfill their desires these days. They are trying to accomplish their goals and also satisfy their materialistic and other aspirations. In today's world there are more and more ways of getting the kind of life you want but nothing is as good as cosmic ordering.

Cosmic ordering can be defined as a spiritual practice which allows you to obtain everything that you desire from the universe. It can be likened to an ordering service, where you will get whatever you ask for or want from the universe. However, many people feel that you need to be a 'saint' to get what you want. However, though that can really help but it even works for normal human beings.

Cosmic ordering aids in manifesting your goals and dreams the spiritual way. You only need to order or ask the universe for what ever you want. You can ask for anything from changing your life completely or circumstances to fulfill your ambitions.

Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer believe that to manifest your order with the universe, you need to be in something known as the 'field of intent'. This is nothing but an invisible energy field which aids and catalyses the connection between the spirit and the universe and helps in manifesting our desires.

Though you may not know is as cosmic ordering, you definitely would have used it in the past. You may have wanted something badly at sometime and you got it. Its not coincidence, it's just that you unknowingly placed an order with the universe which was delivered.

Power of intention is vital to cosmic ordering since intention is nothing but an amalgamation of our innermost faith and desires. We need to have complete conviction that we deserve what we want and really want it. This is the only way to make cosmic ordering work.

People may express their desire for a new car or a new pay raise. However nothing works till you believe that you are not worthy or you didn't work hard for getting them. You need to actually be dead sure and have complete conviction that you deserve it and you will get it.

This process of cosmic ordering is one of the simplest and the easiest to do and it can really give you a better life. The only downside is that you need to use it well and for manifesting positive things. If you believe that you will just get negative then it will work in the way you think and you may get negative things.

For instance if you think that your boss is out to fire you and believe it, then you will end up getting fired one day. Hence if you don't want the negative, than think and just concentrate on all the positive things you want to manifest.

Living in negative and pessimistic mindset and circumstances for years together has led many people to believe that they don't deserve to be happy. Hence, for these kind of people manifesting their desires is a Herculean task; almost unattainable.

Your subconscious mind can also become your biggest enemy and hindrance in manifesting the things that you desire because the beliefs fed into it for years may not allow it to believe in the cosmic ordering service.

Communication with the subconscious mind is not a big deal. Simple affirmation, hypnosis and meditation can accomplish this.

People around the world have used cosmic ordering to make their life more joyful and fun. So, you too order your heart's desires and have a great life which is full of love and happiness.

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