Friday, January 1, 2010

Where Can I Get Body Language Advice?

By Alan Bentley

Few of us are ultimately self-confident and it can be quite a difficult position to achieve, especially if you are very nervous and somewhat excited about a new date that you have ahead. You have finally come to the time when you meet him after exchanging looks across the room and this may be the start of something big? Butterflies are apparent as you prepare yourself and you wonder whether you will give that essentially good impression that will encourage him to want to see you more.

Worrying about everything is not advantageous, but if you do this anyway then you might want to seek some body language advice before you go out. After all, you don't want him to come away with a really bad impression of you, just because of the way that you portray yourself, do you?

Body language advice tells you that you need to exhibit a dominant position and that this will naturally convey confidence and show that you are very happy and at ease with yourself. While we may be able to talk ourselves around any situation, the picture always tells 1000 words and in this case if you are not giving off the right body language, subconsciously this could all fail.

As human beings, we all have the ability to assess the make up of someone we meet for the first time, even if we don't realize it. We make assumptions based on the "vibes" that we feel and as much of this is derived from the way that we present ourselves, body language advice is often sought.

Maintaining eye contact is the rule number one when listening to body language advice. It is absolutely essential that you do this as it says a lot about a person.Looking at somebody squarely in the eye is a deliberate action and should not be underestimated. Remember not to break your gaze until after he does, as otherwise it is seen as an act of submission.

Train yourself when you talk to someone to always look at them in the eyes. Far too often we are too engrossed with what we may be doing, texting, looking at a computer, watching the TV and so on but don't pay 100% attention to the person talking to us. This is not just rude, it is a critical part of body language advice.

Posture is also very important when you meet somebody for the first time. Never slouch, whether you are standing or sitting and it maybe time for you to think about your workout regime to help you. Stand up straight and take deep breaths and it is amazing how much more positive you will feel.

When we are presented with a potentially awkward moment, we often resort to nervous gestures to help us. Try and find your inner calm before you go out on that date and don't engage in nervous twitches, tapping hand gestures and other moments that can be so distracting.

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