Sunday, January 10, 2010

By Jon Dykstra

You need to call a Vancouver DUI lawyer if you have been charged with driving under the influence. This is a serious charge. You can lose your license, your privilege to drive. You can have your auto insurance raised significantly. You can have your liberty taken away because you might have to serve jail time.

You need a professional on your side to help defend you in this challenging time. You will also expect a hearing at the motor vehicle department. No matter what the law courts decide you will have to deal with the suspension of your license. You will need to have an experienced lawyer to go to the hearing with you or for you.

Your lawyer is experienced to go through that hearing. Your lawyer will argue on your behalf for the most lenient suspension of your license as possible. The department of motor vehicles might plan to suspend your license to drive for one year. But your lawyer may be able to argue for a shorter period of suspension.

You need to drive to work. If you do not have the valid license to drive you have to look for another way to get to your job. A lawyer experienced in this area will ask that you at least have the privilege to drive to and from work.

The witnesses to your charge of driving under the influence are the police officers who arrested you. You lawyer will ask for a trial and question them under oath. He will bring up questions as to why you were charged in the first place.

Perhaps when they pulled you over you had been working all day since five in the morning over eighteen hours earlier. You might have been simply tired not under the influence. He will ask them why they pulled you over in the first place. They have to show that they had probable cause.

If you could not perform the field sobriety test to their satisfaction he will explain any injuries you have that limit your physical movement. It might have been your lack of mobility that caused you to fail the test and not that you had been drinking. If they present evidence of a field device used to test blood alcohol levels he will ask then was the last time the instrument was tested for calibration.

If this is your second or third charge of driving under the influence you really need to take a lawyer to court with you. You are looking at mandatory jail time and you do not want to represent yourself in such a case. This is a serious and challenging time so you need legal representation.

Before you go out to drink however make plans to get back home that do not involve you driving a car. The terrible part of drinking is that it affects your judgment first. So you actually believe you can operate your auto safely when in reality you cannot. So the best thing is to not drink and drive to begin with.

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