Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Clock Is Not Just To Tell The Time

By Fraser Battler

A simple explanation of a clock is: "A device that keeps track of time". While this definition correctly explains the basic function, it fails to describe what a clock really does. Clocks are more than just a device to keep track of time.

If this was their only purpose then they would not be as decorative or as varied as they are. There are almost an endless variety of styles. They are a popular decorating accent. They help provide a unique statement to a room. They have been used to adorn major structures such as city halls and railroad stations.

These devices do keep track of time but they also make a very proud statement in many major cities. There are numerous clocks that are famous. The most well recognized time keeping device is probably London England's Big Ben. This time keeping device is atop the tower at Westminster and has four faces that display the time in every direction high above the city. Big Ben is over 150 years old and still announcing the time.

Perhaps one of the oldest in the world is located on the top of the Zytglogge Tower. Located in Bern, Switzerland it has been providing the time for over 500 years. It has also been displaying astronomical information such as the location of the stars, moon and sun.

Another popular astronomical is the Prague Astronomical. This device located in the Old Town section of the city of Prague in Poland has been telling time and providing astronomical information since 1410. It displays the position of the sun and the moon, and displays an hourly showing of figures of the Apostles of Christ, known as. "The Walk of the Apostles. ". It also displays a calendar.

Household clocks come in every shape and size imaginable. They all provide a way to tell the time and possibly serve other functions such as an alarm or timer. Regardless of what style you prefer, they all provide a decorative accent that adds to the d?cor of a room and also displays your unique tastes.

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