Monday, January 4, 2010

A Makeover for the Manhattan Male

By Erika Chloe

When a man is sure that his Armani suite takes the room by storm or that his Sean John scent is so seductive, it makes the women roar and his smile is so stunning the eyes can't despair. There is a certain point in a man's life when his image and style may need a little adjustment; it takes a real man to admit it and fix it. The New York men's makeover is not all about the outside; it is the inner core that makes the garments look better. If the world can't see how great of a person you are from the inside then, the outside really doesn't matter.

A New York fashion consultant can enhance the inner man as well as the outer man by getting to know four W's including: who, what, when and why. Who is he to himself and his peers? What does his image communicate to others? What is his focus and goals? What is the reason for the image enhancement? When did he feel it was time for a change? Why now? These important questions will help the fashion consultant make him look and feel better about the man he is destine to be.

Individual style is how you can separate the boys from the men. A man's personal style, regardless if he has no style at all, will be incorporate into the new man a fashion consultant will create. A man's favorite color, the way he likes his jeans to lay, a man's favorite actor and how he secretly wants to dress like him is one of the beginning processes into creating a new image and how he wants the world to see him. A New York fashion consultant helps men determine what type of image to project to other people. How he values himself by the colors he chooses and the brands he likes, the way he acts in the garments can show how he feels that day. An image consultant focuses on giving the New York man options. If he is busy business man and is on the go constantly, he needs clothes to accommodate that life as well as his social circles and vacation clothes and clothes he would wear on a first date in order to make a good impression. The New York man has several lives; an image consultant can help enhance them.

Fashion consultants are informative about men's sportswear, formal and urban wear in order to create a variety of different looks to cater to different personalities and lifestyles. By enhancing a New York mans image, it can alter his personality and self confidence while also bringing out the best in hi. His whole entire mood changes because he feels good about his self and how he looks. He is not vain, he is confident. He is not conceited he is humble. The New York man's makeover consist of highly professional stylists and fashion consultants that know how to bring out that X-factor in order for him to get that job or get that love interest or get that promotion; along with great tips on how a man can improve his look, he will be building confidence and courage. That is something you can't purchase in stores.

A fashion consultant also teaches the New York man how to shop by knowing what timeless items to get and knowing when to take advantage of a great sale at Neiman Marcus over H&M. This will help him expand his closet. H&M will always have great bargains but, you have to catch Saks fifth and Neiman's at a good time for great clothes at a great price. All men know that you can never have enough underwear, socks and original tee's but, that also applies with gray, black, navy tailored pants, relaxed jeans, dressed to casual shoes and great button-up shirts that can create hundreds of outfits with the pieces you already own. A New York Fashion Consultant helps people get the right items that will help their pockets, enhance their style and expand their closet and match new pieces with pieces they already own.

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