Friday, January 1, 2010

By Anton Alvarez

Undertakers or funeral directors are perhaps the most important people, apart from the close relatives and clergy to be associated with the funeral service. These people are assigned the duty of arranging the entire funeral, managing all the related aspects as well. Undertakers have to be ready for job at any time of the day and any day of the year without a lapse, as they have an emergency duty.

In the face of such a huge loss, the mourning family may not be able to take fast decisions regarding the service and ultimate disposition of the body. Herein lies the significance and utility of the undertaker. His duties include planning out the specific time, place, and way in which the funeral service will be organised. In Addition, the undertaker helps you in coming to terms with your loss, as he is by your side and organises the entire funeral, allowing you to show your profound love and respect for the deceased person.

The first and foremost step in organising any funeral service is to deliberate upon the time, venue and date of the funeral service, so that the same can be communicated to friends and family. Once this is decided, the undertaker helps you in getting the deceased to the funeral site or to the place where he or she is to be finally laid to rest. In case of a burial service, the appropriate casket in which the body is to be laid is usually selected by the undertaker.

The undertaker handles every aspect of the funeral service, including decoration with flowers, transport, luncheon, priests, choristers, ashes and headstone, and any other detail that should be worked upon. All plans are made by the undertaker taking into account the desires of the relatives so that the deceased gets full respect in the funeral service.

Finally, some undertakers even help you in bringing the dead from other places, embalming the body and can also help in carrying out the funeral service in a foreign country, according to your requirement.

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