Monday, January 4, 2010

By Martin Powell

Relationships are based on two people trusting each other. But when some things go awry, it might lead to them splitting up. Men are said to know how to handle stressful situations better when it comes to relationships while the women are thought to be more emotional and can even break up for trivial reasons.

This break up may trigger a question in your mind so as to how to get girlfriend back? Well, before you jump onto a quick decision of bringing her back again into your life, just think about the main reason why you want her once again in your life?

To get girlfriend back may be for different reasons, one of which might be love and another being your status or just plain pride. The thing is you have to make sure you have the right reasons for wanting her back.

If your answer to the question is love, then you probably need to find more unique ways that can help you gain her heart once again. Many guys to get girlfriend back try the routine things which they mess up completely and end up discarded once again and this time permanently.

The very first time when you met your girl friend, who showed a lot of interest in her, you were always at a rush when the time called for. You even used to send beautiful flowers to surprise her now and then, pay surprise visits to her place, email her often and text her several times in a day.

The danger that some fall into is to try a repeat those things again to get girlfriend back after they had broken up. Then was ok because issues had not degenerated to what you have now. At this point those things won't work because there are pending issues that will serve as barriers.

The problem with trying to get girlfriend back in this way is that the girl might not be impressed by this after a split has occurred because it would look as if you are trying to dodge the real issues. And if she was ecstatic then it was because she was just getting to know you. But this time around, she already knows you and there are issues to deal with.

The idea is to make her understand your feelings for her was just as it was when you first met and the time of separation only made you come to realize this even more. Everything you say and do at this moment should be aimed at showing her that you love and respect her and once she begins to listen, you might just be on your way to getting your girlfriend back.

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