Saturday, January 2, 2010

How Music Affects Your Body

By Jamie Sue Tan

Stress is becoming a problem to more and more people around the world. With the current global economic crisis, the number of people engaged in various stress management practices have been increasing. Most of the techniques in stress management require an investment in time. It is regularly practiced so as to reap its actual benefits.

So how can you find time to practice this technique when you are always busy doing something? That's the reason why doctors are so often familiar with regards to the treatment of stress, because all you have to do is go to a doctor ask for a prescribed medicine and then pop it up your mouth. But what you don't realize is that you slowly become addicted to this medicine and not to mention the negative side effects that it can bring to your body could lead you to other problems. So instead of treating your stress you become worse.

There are also some natural organic made medicines that are designed to relieve stress, but these medicines can make you sleepy and is not required to be taken while you are driving or while you are working. But there is one simple and often disregarded way to effectively relieve your stress without the drowsiness and time consuming process: the use of music.

Music has the ability to change the levels of our brainwave activity. Its effect is long term, lasting way after listening to the music. The effects of music to the brainwaves can help alter the function of our nervous system. The result would be a slower pace in breathing. The heart rate is also lowered; giving is a state of relaxation which is the opposite effect of stress.

Music is also used to treat anxiety and depression by converting the negative state of mind into a positive one. When a person is in a positive state of mind, he becomes optimistic. It helps him analyze the situation better and find an effective solution for it.

Music therapy has become increasingly popular as a natural and effective stress relieving method. With music, you don't have to find the time for it unlike what you need to do with other stress management practices. All you need is a place or area where you can be comfortable, and a music player to listen to the music that relaxes you.

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