Monday, January 11, 2010

By Anaya Jones

Hypnosis involves an artificially derived state of consciousness, achieved through a completely natural process and without using any chemicals whatsoever. Hypnosis, as is commonly believed, is a state characterised by complete relaxation and one where the subject experiences a heightened responsiveness towards suggestions. This idea has led to many uses of hypnosis, of which hypnotherapy is the foremost.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic procedure in which the person is hypnotized by the expert. This treatment acts as a remedy against negative thinking and anything else that is troubling the patient's mind.

The human mind is a familiar territory for a good hypnotist, who perfectly comprehends its workings and failings. Hence, a hypnotherapist would know the real causes that might be preventing a person's growth and removing such hindrances with constructive thoughts could offer a huge relief to the person.

Evidence shows that a big number of addictions find a great remedy in hypnotherapy. It is also helpful in healing stress, improving self-confidence level, and easing pain and despair. Childhood crises and their after-effects like frequent bed-wetting and frequent nightmares can be cured through it as well.

Hypnotherapy not only helps in personal issues but also in removing shyness at the workplace and thus it helps you enhance your effectiveness at work. Many people facing troubles in their profession have gained greatly from it. Fears of failure are found out and efficiently eradicated by thoughts of boldness and positivity by it. Many thriving politicians and businessmen are known to have made use of hypnotherapy to usher a change in their individuality, which has helped them in becoming better public speakers and more effective at handling inter-personal relationships.

Self-hypnosis is a very popular branch of hypnosis. It helps in unravelling many personal myths and getting rid of all the depressing thoughts that have been troubling you. It is also an excellent way to relax and can be done periodically as a type of mental exercise. The energy that you gain from 8 small sessions of naps is equivalent to what you achieve from just a 1 hour spell of self-induced hypnosis. That is why hypnosis is also known as an excellent way to shake off your fatigue and lethargy.

Hypnosis is often mistaken for occult, but that is not true at all. It has strong roots in psychology and science in general. Moreover, since it is brought about without any help from drugs or other chemicals, it is absolutely harmless. Anyone can enjoy the life-altering benefits of hypnotherapy, regardless of what his or her age is.

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