Thursday, December 31, 2009

By David Anttony

Buy One Give One (B1G1) is the home of transaction-based giving.

STOP. Take a breath. And imagine you were part of a world where every single transaction made a key difference.

Imagine, for a moment, you purchased a television, and automatically a cataract-blind person got the gift of sight. Automatically. Or imagine if today you bought a cup of coffee and someone in Africa got access to clean, pure water as a direct result. Automatically again.

It's all happening right now. Already Buy1GIVE1 (BOGO/B1G1) has become a true global giving 'village', bringing together businesses, their customers and worthy causes in a way that's never been done before.

It's happening globally, every second, every day and in every way with a staggering 556 projects already underway and making a difference.

That's because in the Buy1GIVE1 world, every single sales transaction, be it buying a cup of coffee in Cape Town or renting a car in Reno (and everything in between) gives back in a well-defined, resonant and measurable way.

In this present economy, when both corporations and charities have seen a decline in profits and donations, cause-related marketing appears to really be catching on. Cause-related marketing is a business scheme involving a partnership between a company with a product to trade and a charity with a cause to advance. As opposed to "corporate philanthropy," which simply includes a company making a tax-deductible charitable contribution, cause-related marketing benefits both the company (by helping to increase sales, and thus, profits), and the charity (by bringing in donations and calling attention to the cause.)

You buy a book, a tree gets planted. You dine out, a child gets fed. Buy One Give One - simple. The list goes on forever and the giving simply happens automatically, every second, every day and in every way.

And it is beautifully simple. Buy1GIVE1 is now becoming a global movement as more and more businesses jump on board and enjoy the incredible benefits of transaction-based giving.

In Buy1GIVE1, they make the stronger point that in all cases, the consumer is simply not engaged in CSR initiatives on a daily basis. Buy1-Give1 gives answers to that and it does it every second, every day and in every way.

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