Friday, December 25, 2009

By Jeff Bridges

If you are reading this, you are probably planning on seeing Shear Madness which is a play written by Paul Portner. In this review, I would like to prepare you for the comedic experience of a lifetime! To get you started, let us just say that the title of the play is a drastic understatement. This is truly a performance requiring opera glasses.

The stage is set to take place at a unisex hair salon. The usual gossip takes place. As in real life, for some reason, people seem to think they need to share their utmost secrets with their hairdresser. So many funny lines take place as well as an intriguing storyline. The people acting are extremely believable characters. You have the snapping gum pretty hairdresser with a gorgeous figure who is an airhead, the brightly colored clothing character played by the homosexual hairdresser (fabulously played by John McGivern in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when I attended), a high class society woman, policemen and the different clientele that comes in. Of course, one man is a hunk which makes John McGivern's character giggle with glee.

This play is ever changing as the topics of interest revolve around current events going on around the city Shear Madness is open in and the United States hot topics. The current events are twisted into a funny light. The characters use a lot of improvisation and sometimes the actors cannot contain their own laughter which only makes you laugh even harder. To make sure you see each actor slip up trying hard not to giggle, bring your Opera glasses.

Shear Madness is very much an interactive play. As you attend, you will find that performers will periodically ask the audience for their opinions about the developing story. Many in attendance will shout out their answers which often vary wildly. This aspect alone will make this play unforgettable in your mind. If find that your seat is in the first few rows, be prepared, as you may find yourself as centerpiece of a joke. Remember, that all jokes are just in good fun.

The hair salon is really just a front for the real story, for not too far into the play we find that owner of the hair salon has been murdered. The owner lived in an apartment above the salon before she was murdered, and the plot rapidly develops into a murder mystery. As you are in attendance undoubtedly you will find yourself trying to unravel the mystery behind the murder to see if you are the first to discover the true killer. Make sure that you bring your opera glasses along, to ensure that you don't miss a single beat in this thriller.

What makes this comedy play different than any other play is that the guilty murderer is different each time. The characters in the play will talk to the audience and ask them questions. The audience actually votes and chooses who the murderer is. As odd as this may sound, it is really a very clever concept. Some people even see this play more than once and usually see a different ending.

The play Shear Madness is actually one of the longest running non musical plays being attended today. Many very popular critics such as The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and reviewed this play, and have written wonderful things about it. There is no doubt you too will love this play, and want to see it again and again.

You will want to bring your Opera glasses as you will not want to miss one entertaining moment of Shear Madness. Opera glasses will ensure that you will capture each and every laugh.

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