Sunday, December 20, 2009

How To Remove Body Hair

By Kate Lewis

A lot of people have at some point or the other had to deal with unwanted hair and have struggled with various methods for hair removal. Many considerations such as the area and amount of hair growth, your skin sensitivity and your skin type can determine the hair removal technique best suited for you.

The most widely used method of hair removal is shaving. Even though shaving is effective and inexpensive, the flip side is that it is only temporary and you need to keep on shaving on a routine basis in order to maintain hair-free skin. For instance, men shave their facial hair every day. People also use shaving to remove unwanted hair from areas like chest or legs.

Another option is waxing hair from the body. It is a complicated process, which normally cannot easily be done in the house on your own. The advantage is that while waxing, the hair is extracted from the root, which results in a longer span of hair-free skin as the hair takes about a fortnight to begin growing back. However, you should keep in mind that waxing hurts and therefore, it is not suitable for sensitive areas.

The third method is using a hair removal cream, which is easy to apply and can be used without external assistance. It is a pain-free process, but the effects don't stay as long as those of waxing. The skin can also be allergic to the components of the cream resulting in appearance of ugly rashes.

Individuals having unbalanced hair growth can choose to have hair taken from higher hair density areas and get hair transplant done in parts with sparse growth. This is a complex process and should be used only in case there are no other alternatives.

The last technique, also the most expensive, is laser hair removal treatment. The most important benefit of this method is that its results last forever. However it should be carried out by a trained professional in order to avoid accidents and skin injury.

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  1. Christian Dale said...
    im don't think shaving is effective. your hair grows back easily and makes your hair more thicker.

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