Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Lose 10 Pounds in Five Weeks

By Anna Cross

Almost every single one of us wants to lose about ten pounds. However, those last ten pounds are sometimes the hardest to lose. Perhaps you just don't want to put forth a lot of effort. Maybe exercise isn't your forte. Or maybe you have been working out extensively but still have those last ten pounds to lose. You can lose ten pounds in five weeks if you try these simple steps to cutting back calories.

An easy and quick thing to start with is to skip the salad dressing - use herbs to jazz up your salad. Typically this can save you eighty calories per tablespoon - which can add up to four hundred calories per salad or even more! You can also use vinegar or lemon juice for flavor if you like. If you are a big salad eater - this alone can really help your progress!

Another simple tip to help you cut back on calories is to exchange your whole milk with skim milk. If you drink more than one cup of milk a day, try trading just one cup of whole milk for skim milk. If you don't drink a cup of milk, you probably use whole milk in your coffee, cereal, etc. Be sure to exchange the whole milk for skim milk. One cup of whole milk has 150 calories, whereas one cup of skim milk has 80 calories. So if you switch out your whole milk for skim milk, you will trim off 70 calories a day.

Do you eat sandwiches (of course! - who doesn't?)? Try eating your sandwiches open-face style - and use only one piece of bread. This nifty (and yummy!) trick will save approximately eighty calories for each sandwich, which could be a hefty 500+ calories per week if you brown bag it every day...

Most of us drink beverages that have about 250 calories in each serving. A can of soda typically has 250 calories, and even vitamin water has about 150. If you can just cut out 250 calories of liquid a day, by the end of one week, you will have cut out 1750 calories.

On top of the four tips we have discussed, you can also do something else to help you on your path to lose ten pounds - eat less! Eat slower, allowing yourself to feel when you are getting full. Research has shown this can help you cut out a full sixty for each meal you do this with. Do it for all three meals during the day, and that is 180 calories per day, or over 1200 calories per week!

In five weeks, you can lose ten pounds if you follow those simple techniques: skip the salad dressing on your salads, trade your whole milk for skim milk, lose the top piece of bread in your sandwiches, cut out your liquid calories like soda and vitamin water, and eat slower. By following these simple steps, you can lose the last bit of weight without working out or drastically changing your eating habits.

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