Saturday, December 26, 2009

How Speed Reading Will Work For You

By Dr. Jay Polmar

Just use these hints and you'll increase your reading speed:

You can read lines of text, more effectively, by reading groups of words at one time than reading a single word, and your reading speed improves when you just widen your eye span (peripheral vision).

1. Techniques will teach you have to activate hand-to-eye coordination, then you'll be speed reading quickly and immediately. Increase your reading abilities for business or personal use with just a little practice. You can double, even triple your current rates of reading without hurting comprehension or retention.

Different speed reading methods for different kinds of reading material:

1. Fiction, especially the romance novels. Try speed reading a hot and passionate love scene. You can't! I don't speed read romance novels. I don't know anyone who does.

2. Non-Fiction. Speed reading is perfect in this dimension. Where there is something to learn that is not based on hot emotions speed reading is great. And it comes in multiple forms. Newspapers with narrow columns, magazines, with slightly wider columns, books, computer screens, and in the mail and email.

Slow readers struggle. They can't identify the methods to success and they struggle due to slowing down to identify words that don't understand --- they will see a particular word, slow down, think about the meaning, then restart the reading process. Perhaps they won't sound out all of the words they've been reading, but they will spend more time on some phrases than others. Because, they are just skimming across those small sections that are easy to understand.

Creating balance in comprehension and reading speed is what gives us our base reading speed. You will also need to develop a base-line reading speed for what you read the most. There are different techniques for different types of reading, with varying speeds, and comprehension rates.

Study speed reading, and practice with the exercises, they will improve your reading speed drastically with practice. But, before you begin practicing the actual speed reading techniques, that will learn in The Complete Speed Reading Program, let me suggest that you learn to coordinate your eye-to-pacing finger movement.

In the beginning suggest you reread the same material over and over, until you develop a well-coordinated reading speed. When you feel comfortable with it, your rate of speed will increase almost immediately almost 50%. Then, once you are comfortable practicing at that rate, move on to more advanced techniques that will increase your reading speed further.

Consider this:

1. You will be reading faster (scan read) pre-reading for important facts 300%.

2. You should use a 50% over normal rate when reading for information overload.

3. Post-read for fast review will be fast reading; just a fast scan. 300-400% faster.

4. For testing, scan before prepare for tests your rating speed will be medium fast 200%.

That's how easy it will be. Your mind will be trained to be the perfect learning machine. Just start right now with Complete Speed Reading Course, a beginner course, and intense in-depth program, and audio reinforcement. Guaranteed to bring you greater success.

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  1. Reading Improvements said...
    Thanks for the plug on speed reading. I agree with you, if one can double their reading, they will double their reading comprehension. Studies have also shown certain speed reading programs increase right brain activity by up to 1500%, which as some people may know that that side of the brain is associated with creativity. Another great perk is increased focus and enhanced brain activity. Check out this site, for some great supplmentary information and articles for speed reading programs.
    Wilbur said...
    Thank you for sharing the information on speed reading. Yes, it will improves speed reading by proper training. Good readers are the leaders.

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