Tuesday, December 22, 2009

By Roger Wong

Wedding photography includes pictures of the couple before the wedding, as well as coverage of the actual wedding event and reception. The two approaches in bridal photography are traditional and photojournalistic. Traditional wedding photography consists of classically posed images. In this approach, there is much interaction with the photographer on the day of the wedding. In the photojournalistic approach, the images recorded are much more subtle with less photographer interaction. These two approaches are the two extremes of photographic styles. Most of the modern day photographers' fall somewhere between these two styles.

When you are hiring a wedding photographer to shoot your special day, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Every photographer possesses an individual style. It takes some research from your side to decide who you want to photograph your wedding. It is recommended to start looking for the right photographer well ahead of time. If you are hiring a wedding photojournalist to cover your wedding, it is recommended that you focus more on the creative side than on the business process involved. One shouldn't be concerned about comparing various package details or the number of prints he is going to get. Once you have chosen a photographer for the job, take care of all minute details then and there so that the photographer you hired is not preoccupied about with thoughts of collecting his payment, on the wedding day.

Always remember NOT to give constant direction to the professional you have hired. Nobody wants to be pushed around, not even your photographer so ask your guests to be polite as well. No photographer likes to be directed as to what to shoot and how to do it. The photographer will become less creative if there is lots of third party interaction. Sometimes the relatives and friends are so preoccupied in instructing the photographer that they almost miss the entire wedding.

As always, trust is a major factor that affects your relationship with the photographer. You should accept the fact that you can not control everything on the wedding day. That's another reason why you hired a professional to capture all the beautiful moments of the wedding day.

Most importantly, do not starve your photographer. Your photographer will need to eat, no matter how professional and hardworking they are. He would be the last person you want to starve. And try not to give your photographer a very long list of things to do. He might not get what you actually hired him to do.

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