Wednesday, December 30, 2009

By Robert Hall

Do you sometimes feel like it's next to impossible to get rich with all the gloom and doom the current events seem to predict? It's like you earn money just to spend it immediately for the basic necessities in life. Anything more than that is a random stroke of good fortune.

Friend, know this for sure-that is false thinking, and believing so is destructive to you and your quality of life. We have so much information on just about anything under the sun yet for some reason schools and other important institutions fall short in correctly teaching people the principles on how to make money effectively.

Money is not reserved for people who come from good families, have the right connections and possess extra ordinary talents. Granted, you can be born into wealth but anybody can get rich- that includes you.

Think with me for a while-how many people have become rich in spite of unfortunate situations that have beset them all their lives? Look at Oprah Winfrey. She might have experienced a lot of tragedy, but she came out of it triumphant. Her personality and strength of will empowered her to build wealth and be part of history as we know it.

It is important that you realize for yourself that it is easy to earn money and become rich. You ask, how is that so when there are many poor and needy people in the world? These economic problems stem from the fact that we still need to learn how to make money the correct way.

You don't get wealth by belonging in the right gender, age or even nationality. It starts from the inside and manifests into your reality. Wealth begins in your mind. Develop your prosperity consciousness and riches will start to make its presence felt in your current reality.

Have this prosperity consciousness ingrained firmly in you. It will cause you to think and act in support of this belief. Because money is recompensed by the value of the service you have provided; purpose to become excellent and above average in all that you do. Aim to provide quality of life to the people you serve; and that is what you will have in return.

Harness your inner power and begin to build wealth like you never thought possible. Protect the thoughts that you think and the attitude that you put on every day. The happy results in your life will confirm the truth of the statement we discussed-- it really is easy to earn money.

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