Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Finding The Way To Develop Abundance

By David Elsey

Abundance is a state of mind that leads to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits. Developing abundance, therefore, is as much an internal process as it is an external one. It requires self reflection and honesty for people to heal their lives and attract the best possible opportunities, people and situations into their experience. Sometimes this process can be very challenging but the benefits are enormous.

We can say that people lack abundance when they fail to show that they are satisfied in life. What most people misunderstood about abundance is satisfaction and where to get it. As generally thought of, people would only experience abundance when they are satisfied with material things and wealth. The fact is people would still lack abundance despite their wealth and riches. Some of them would even feel miserable although they are the richest men on earth. This is because most of the wealthiest people do not care to have warm relationship with other people making their lives unhappy and less exciting.

Therefore, to develop abundance, one should be aware that life itself can be as abundant and positive when you begin to think of it this way. You might be having some negative approaches and beliefs in life that hinders abundance to fill you. Perhaps it?s about time to change the way you think and feel because thinking right, feeling right, and doing right is what will make you satisfied in life and eventually attracts abundance.

Everyone lives in an abundant universe but not everyone experiences that abundance equally. One of the most important steps in the process of developing abundance is to open up the channels for receiving it. Unresolved issues can block the flow of good into people's lives. Unforgiveness, anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, and other negative attitudes and emotions can actually blind people to the good available to them and even repel positive experiences.

Anyone who is serious about developing abundance also needs to be serious about facing and overcoming their personal demons. An unfortunate truth is that victims in this world often continue to be victimised. The reason for this is that when people experience negative events or trauma, they also experience a range of feelings and develop beliefs about themselves that can cause them to get stuck in a cycle. This is why the ability to forgive and let go of past pain and grievances is essential to living a truly abundant life.

Developing abundance is also developing your inner self. Look at yourself inside and see through your emotions. There may be lots of things that keep negative forces to pull you down. Assess yourself and evaluate those things that need certain focus and attention to help you improve your life and become abundant later on.

There are many principles and therapies that you can use to help yourself experience abundance. The cognitive behavior and energy therapies with EFT and applied kinesiology are all helpful. All you have to do is to help yourself accept the fact that you need these tools for your self development and motivate yourself to do all the necessary steps in order to attract abundance in life.

All these factors show that developing abundance is not only a matter of inner changes. You also have to let your outer being to coordinate with your inner self when it comes to self development. Set your goals and act out your plans. You have to do actions and not just lay your plans down if you want to improve your life abundance.

Actions need personal motivation and inner changes need actions. They should go hand in hand in order to develop abundance successfully. No matter how good you are in setting goals and achieving them, if your inner being is blocked by any negative emotions, abundance would still stay far from your life. A successful and abundant life is shown by your true happiness and satisfaction.

Developing abundance is a worthwhile goal. It's not selfish to live an abundant life. In fact, it enables people to be generous to others and frees them from self-focus necessary when struggling to survive. The process of developing abundance usually takes some time, but it is a satisfying journey that transforms individuals and their communities.

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