Saturday, December 19, 2009

Affordable Bridal Photography

By James Wong

Your special day may be a dream you have held for a long time; you want everything to be just perfect - and why not - from your flowers to you dress and everything else in between. But, for most people, even though is is a very special day you will still have a budget target to work to. And when it comes to high-end services such as wedding photography, staying focused on the budget target can be hard. However, with a little bit of research, forward thinking and planning, and a vibrant dose of flexibility, you will be able to keep within budget for sure to ensure you have an affordable wedding while creating the memories you deserve.

Finding affordable bridal photography can be achieved in a number of specific ways. So read on.

Using good old word of mouth is the best place to start. Talk to your friends or associates that have held weddings similar in size and scope to what you are planning to check what photographers worked really well within their given budget target.

Drop by at your wedding venue and ask the management if they have a list of professionals that they know. This could save you hours of time plus hundred's of dollars.

Many people may believe that employing a wedding planner will run against a budget-focused wedding, but the opposite is usually true. Wedding planners will frequently pay for themselves with the money they save you in vendor fees. Wedding planners have a service to offer you and one of these services is to stay within budget! Also wedding planners work with professionals often, they frequently have existing relationships that will save you money in the end.

Sometimes cutting back in some areas and spending more in others will give you a better overall experience. At the end of the day people and yourself will remember how they felt more than if there were 5 lots of flowers instead of 3. If you have your heart jet-set on a unique wedding photographer that works in a way you love, then compromise to get to the price that you need; perhaps have the photographer only take your ceremony and formal shots and then ask your guests to help take photographs throughout your reception to be accumulated into an album at a later date.

One really simple idea is to provide your wedding guests with cheap disposable cameras. This will add variety, fun and an unexpected flair to your entire day. Your album will then be very unique indeed.

Another great and creative tip is to invite your friends to do part of the wedding preparations for you such as the flower display. Not only is this a great way to involve your friends you can ask them to not give wedding gifts but to do something else instead. And seeing many wedding gifts end up not being used then this can be a great idea. Instead your friends will likely be excited and delighted to be involved. This will heighten your marriage experience for everyone and spare you money.

Finally, affordable wedding photography is about creativeness and flexibility, time and energy. Being prepared to work outside the box and think of small and often imaginative ways to save money, eventually all those small steps will add up to big savings.

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