Monday, December 14, 2009

Safe Stag Party Ideas For All

By Mariko Conisuellian

Just the name "stag party" can bring some awful connotations to mind, either from experience or from innuendo and rumor. Even though some stag parties nowadays get totally out of hand, those of yesterday were actually quite tame and sophisticated. There are many stag party ideas that won't break the bank and they won't ruin anyone's good reputation.

These parties don't need to turn into drunken brawls or create havoc in the establishments you to choose to celebrate in. They don't need hired hookers to be there, and they certainly don't need the police showing up after multiple complaints.

This type of party has been around for hundreds of years. Although the original purpose was quite different, the end result hasn't changed all that much. Orignally, a stag party was simply a type of coming out or coming of age party for young men who were thought to be ready to marry. It was being celebrated and encourage. Nowadays it seems that stag parties are intent on causing trouble and preventing the poor guy from being able to go through with the wedding at all!

If you really like your friend, however, you would do everyone a favor by figuring out other ways to have a stag party without getting into trouble. Hire a car so no one needs to drive drunk. Head to a favorite restaurant or bar - and do the same thing you normally do! There's nothing wrong with that!

If you are planning a stag party for a friend, have no fear. There are plenty of options to choose from where reputations and police records will remain intact and the groom to be will probably be more appreciative than if you had selected a more uproarious event. Think of things to do locally. There must be a favorite restaurant (where did he meet his bride to be?), or even the club house at your favorite golfing range. If you all went to school together maybe a trip back to campus and a round of beers at your favorite drinking hole - could bring back some great memories!

A stag party is supposed to be fun - for everyone. Even the strangers around you. Don't let it get out of control.

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