Monday, December 21, 2009

By David Anttony

Bumblebees are all giving by nature. They give naturally to maintain the environment of abundance. But each bee actually takes a different role in maintaining the colony as well as the flower garden. So, I thought human beings are the same. We are all naturally giving and sharing. But we tend to express our giving in different ways. So, here it is a 'giving bee' chart where you can find your bee type. Watch out for the following bumblebee analysis! The more you share your value as a giving bumblebees, the more we can all do together to make a difference.

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Bee type analysis

1. Change-making bumblebee

A giving bee who likes to see change - who spots every opportunity to do something better and worthwhile. A change-making bumblebee often starts up new amazing projects for others to participate in. A flexible thinker who can collaborate well with others while often taking a leadership focus in making change. Many business leaders and inventors are this type of giving bee. They are not afraid of experiencing change.

2. Believing bee

A giving bumblebee who believes in one core ideas very strongly and inspire others to follow. Rather than changing all the time and being way too flexible, this giving bumblebee attracts people by being solid like a rock and integral to the unwavering belief and vision. Some of the religious leaders as well as politicians are this type of giving bee. Believing bees makes for a great leader who attracts mass number of followers. This bee can also be a great follower who strongly supports an existing belief and excites others to come together.

3. Caring and nurturing bee

A giving bumblebee who may not stand out as a firm leader but actually are the biggest heart focused giver. A caring and nurturing bumblebee is selfless in giving and is always first to take the giving action when seeing anyone in need. Though this bee seems gentle and caring, the strong desire to give and care for others drives this giving bumblebee to exhibit some unbelievable giving acts. Many people who dedicate their lives to giving (volunteering, community service etc) are this type of bee. Giving comes more natural to them.

4. Supporting and uniting bee

A giving bee who sees the greatest value in uniting and collaborating in effective partnerships. This giving bumblebee is very focused on looking for existing great ideas, mechanisms, philosophies or beliefs to benefit the community. It tends to support what resonates with him/her more often than coming up with a brand new way. A supporting and uniting bee is less attached to own way and has more flexible mind while being quite strategic about what to support. Rather than taking immediate action emotionally, this bumblebee sees the value in creating the long-term unity. Long-term 'quiet' charity givers and those who take low profile in community giving but stick to the same project for a long time are more often than not this type of bumblebee.

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