Sunday, December 13, 2009

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Theme

By Mae Ann John

The first step in any wedding planning must be choosing your marriage theme. The wedding theme that you finally decide on will make the remainder of your wedding plans and preparations far easier as it narrows down the selections you need to make for stuff like table favors, decorations, flowers and anything else that you need.

Most couples will cooperate on deciding what the theme of the wedding is going to be and if both have a typical interest or pastime it can be fairly simple to decide on the theme. The bulk of themes are decided on straightforward stuff like color or picking a particular season of the year, but if you want something more flamboyant and unusual like a Viking wedding theme then planning would be much more complicated and costs definitely higher. Before you make a decision on a wedding theme there are a few things you need to think about.

One of the major influencing factors for your wedding theme is the time of year that you need to have your wedding. Many themes are not weather dependent, but if your heart is set on a beach theme then you would either have to make a contingency plan in case the weather turns bad or consider a destination wedding in a country such as Bali or Philippines where you are guaranteed wonderful sunny weather during set times of the year. This may work out more expensive depending on the size of your guest list, but is definitely something to consider when choosing a beach wedding theme.

Cost is also a major consideration when doing the planning for your wedding theme. If you are set on a theme that can involve special costumes for guests then you may be able to get friends and family involved in helping with the preparations. Flower arrangements, decorations, catering could be done with assistance from close friends and family to chop the expenses down and give you a larger budget for props.

Whatever theme you decide on you need to plan it well for it to be noteworthy. Just because you spend plenty of money on a wedding theme doesn't guarantee that it is going to be any different to the other weddings. The key to creating an individual wedding theme that will be unique is to narrow everything down once you have decided on your main theme. Take a forests theme as an example, why are you wanting a forest theme? What interests you about the forest? Is it the trees, the butterflies or the mystery that's related to forest life, the fairies, orcs or maybe the mushrooms?

Can you imagine a marriage that uses butterflies as the main theme, the bright colors, and the rounded edges of their wings? The velvety feel that a butterfly brings to mind already magics up thousands of ideas. Being precise at this point will make an excellent, unusual wedding that will be really enjoyed by everyone.

If you are going to have a complicated wedding theme, you need to be sure that you discuss this with your videographer when making your wedding videographer reservations as they are going to need to know ahead if they have to bring any special equipment or provide additional lighting. Although your wedding looks great when you are standing there, ensuring that your theme is caught by a pro wedding videographer will ensure that your marriage video comes to life as you watch it over and over again.

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