Monday, December 14, 2009

By Kristaria Dawson

It is not necessary for you to hypnotize your ex in order to win your ex back. There are many ways to do so that don't involve anything this drastic. Because you were with your ex for a long time, you should know them well enough to incorporate some natural and easy ways to win your ex back.

How to win your ex back? Here are some tips:

1) Do not blame your ex.

Do not enter into blaming. You will turn him or her off if you keep calling and telling them that they have lost their mind. You will look desperate and who wants a desperate partner? Keep in mind that there are people out there that like a little time and space apart. When you give another person time and space, it's almost like you're letting them know that you can live without him or her, and while this may seem weird, this can be a turn on to someone. Nagging and sending messages that make you look like a pathetic loser don't allow your ex to miss you. To win your ex back, you need to quit seeming like you are interested in him or her. When you seem independent and show them that you have a life, it can make your ex want you even more.

2) Put your all into it.

Contrary to what was written in number one, there are actually some people who like being chased. It gives them the power and it is actually a turn on. It is like showing this person that you love him or her so much that you will actually do anything to pursue or win your ex back. If your ex is this type of person, show him or her that you really care. Call him or her every hour. Send him or her e-mail messages. Send him or her text messages. Drop by his or her office. If you know where the person may be at, pop up to that place unexpectedly. If you are a man, shower your ex with flowers, chocolates and gifts. If you are a woman, you can also shower your ex with gifts. Invite your ex for coffee, lunch or dinner. Believe it or not, there are some people who like this and would get back with you sooner than you think.

3) Always be your best.

Regardless of whether your ex fits into category one or category two, there is one thing that will be the same: you should always look your best. While you are working on winning your ex back, get in some exercise time. You want to be sure to look good in that skirt or in those denims, so spend a good amount of time working out. This will not only make you look good but feel great about yourself, too. You will be less stressed, healthier, and a lot more confident.

Plan on doing these things and you will surely win your ex back in no time.

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