Thursday, December 17, 2009

By Tom W. Mason

So you are ready to propose - you have a great proposal idea in your head, you know exactly what you are going to say and you can't wait to put a ring on her finger. There's just one problem - you don't have the ring! Money's tight though, so you want to find a cheap engagement ring - is it possible?

First off, I never like to use the word "cheap" when describing a diamond ring. So instead of saying "cheap engagement ring", I'm going to say "affordable engagement ring". Just sounds nicer doesn't it?:)

When you're on a tight budget, price has to be a consideration. You need to assess your finances and decide how much you can afford to spend on this very important purchase. Remember that this is going to be a large purchase, so be realistic.

You're either going to have to save up some money to make this purchase or pay for it out of your savings. This is one of the most important purchases you will ever make, so don't go too low here. We'll get a great ring at a great price for you - just don't skimp too much or you'll regret it later.

Traditionally, about two month's salary should be spent on an engagement ring. However, this may not be possible for you; you may have a lot of other expenses to handle.

That's fine - don't worry about it. You can find gorgeous rings at affordable prices. It's all about getting the most for your money.

Typically, you should be prepared to spend at least $1,000 on an engagement ring. This is something she'll wear forever and is a symbol of your commitment to her. You might have to make some sacrifices to buy this ring. As far as diamond engagement rings go, $1,000 is a low price tag. However, you can make even one thousand dollars go a longer way than you may think if you know what to look for.

You can go to my website to read my Diamond Buying Guide. This guide will give you a lot of great information on buying the best engagement ring while staying within your budget. My guide helps you to get the most diamond for your money.

Keep the setting simple - 14 carat white or yellow gold. When you're on a budget, avoid spending too much on the setting - you can skip 18 carat gold or platinum. Your budget should go primarily towards the diamond itself.

You'll want to get the largest diamond you can. Diamonds are graded in several ways; my guide will give you ideas about which of these criteria are most important when looking for a diamond engagement ring on a tight budget.

You can find the perfect ring for that perfect girl without going broke. Remember, an affordable engagement ring is what you're looking for - never tell her it's a "cheap" engagement ring! ;) Happy hunting!

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    Good post, diamonds are girl's best friend. If you want to propose a girl then diamond ring would be the best gift to
    AntonyKunn said...
    If the future wife really loves you, the main idea is not about the cost of the ring, but how it looks - so she can boast about it to her friends :)

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