Saturday, December 26, 2009

By Sue McGrath

If you have a First Communion in the near future then your life is likely a flurry of preparations, and we feel for you. However, there is an important part of the first holy communion ceremony that you don't want to miss. First Communion medals are an integral part of your coming-of-age party and you'll want to choose wisely.

There are so many different First Holy Communion medals available including those created as actual pieces of jewelry. You can get these in fourteen carat gold and silver, or white gold, as well as other construction materials with the words First Holy Communion carved into them, or your own message such as your child's name and the date of the First Communion.

While you are shopping religious medals keep in mind that you'll want something high quality to mark this event, as it is an important time for both you and your child as they take on the responsibilities of a full fledged Church member and you'll want a keepsake that will match that level of important. This is why materials like gold and silver are a great choice for First Communion jewelry.

This tradition began in the middle ages with handcrafted medals as children began their responsibilities in the Church and you can continue this wonderful way of celebrating in your own home, giving your little boy or girl Catholic medals that they can always wear to remind them of their First Communion celebration.

1st Holy Communion medals come in such a wide assortment of types that you'll have many choices at your disposal but you'll want to make sure that you know what to look for and what type of medals and other Catholic jewelry is best. First Communion medals are available online and in many Catholic bookstores, and the vendor or store clerk should be able to answer your questions about quality.

If you choose to go with a different type of store or website that sells Catholic medals then you may be getting poor quality, so you'll want to be careful what you shop for, and make sure that your First Communion medals are worth it. For instance, there are some stores that mark up these type of medals simply because they are inscribed with First Communion.

You'll want to keep your First Communion medal nice for you child because they will want to keep it for the rest of their life, so you should have a case and a chain with your medal. Make sure that the chain is of good quality and the clasp is secure, and the case that it comes in should be high quality as well, if you are paying for quality.

Making your child's First Communion memorable is important and First Communion medals are a very nice way to do this, providing them with something valuable that they will treasure, as well as something that will remind them of their responsibilities. A medal can be worn close to the heart where they will be reminded of their commitments and the day of their 1st Holy Communion

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