Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tricks To Organizing Small Closets

By Doug J Smith

Small closet organization is not beyond your capabilities but it can be tricky. You need to know the golden rules of closet organization. These rules apply to the organization of all closets but are particularly important for small closet organization. If you can commit to these rules and commit in the proper order you will be well on your way to being a successful closet organizer. First you must acknowledge that you have too much stuff.

We simply hope to keep too much stuff in our closets and this interferes with proper organization. The important first step is to commit to de-cluttering your life and your house. People do not intend to collect clutter. Clutter catches up with us when we continue to collect new things but refuse to discard our older items. For many people it is extremely difficult to throw anything away. The reasons for that can only be found in psychology books.

The first thing you should do when starting to organize a closet, any closet, is attempt to reduce your belongings. This step is often referred to as purging. Go through the entire contents of a closet to see if there are items you really don't need. You must commit to at least finding some items to dispose of. Aim for purging 20% of the contents. This might be too ambitious for one day. So aim to get rid of 20% of the contents within a specified time frame. Ideally, the time frame is less than one week but take longer if needed to meet your goal.

After reducing your belongings you can move on to phase two of closet organizing. Thankfully phase two is much easier than phase one. Although easier, phase two is equally important. Phase two involves structuring the contents of the closet into distinct categories. Each closet can hold a number of categories depending on the size of the closet. Smaller closets can hold a category or two.

One such closet organization category could be light bulbs. We all have a multitude of differently shaped light bulbs stuck in different drawers or cupboards. Try to collect all of the various light bulbs and store them in one place. Another such category could be batteries. We also have assorted batteries in every room that has a remote control but we can never find a proper battery when we need one. Collect all of your extra batteries and store them in one place.

You may want to consider buying a proper closet organizer. There are reasonably priced closet organizers for closets of all shapes and sizes. You can find closet organizer systems at most department stores. If you are disciplined and ready to put some effort into the process then small closet organization is achievable.

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