Tuesday, December 22, 2009

By Landon Marks

It is very easy for you to simply try out a drug when in college, or with friends. But what is important is whether or not you get addicted to it. And if you do get addicted, it is a never ending cycle of pain and suffering. Too much of an addiction can even lead one to go towards extreme depression. Psychiatric problems combined with a strong addiction can be really difficult to overcome. Substance abuse can be a huge problem. That is why you need a detailed analysis of the situation, followed by a therapy session, which will focus on you and your quick recovery.

I think one rehab which is good is the Cliffside Malibu, which is a licensed dual diagnosis residential treatment center and has a combination of clinical and psychiatric experts who are trained to correctly diagnose and meet the unique needs of patients suffering from substance abuse and a co-occurring emotional or psychiatric illness.

The residence program offers safe and sound recovery options, luxury facilities and healthy food. Many therapy sessions tailor-made by the experts and doctors are also offered. A dual diagnosis treatment will help you overcome both your addiction and depression problems. Depression can be a part of your life if too much of addiction is present.

It is important to focus on the recovery rather than be tensed about it. You can have gourmet meals, spa treatments and lots of recreational activities, which promise to make your stay here memorable. Pressure and tension will be a part of your life, and these are the things you need to remove them in a jiffy.

Patients are assessed on a clinical and psychological level when they come in. This is followed by a detailed discussion with the patient and his family. The therapy sessions and what they have to offer you are discussed at length, and once you feel comfortable with them, it is carried forward. Detox, art therapy and spirituality are also in the offing. Experience of a rehab center is also important in knowing how it is going to deal with your problems. So if you think you need help, contact them at 800-501-1988.

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