Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Truth About The Law Of Attraction

By Simon Cray

The Law of Attraction is a universal law which states that our lives depend on our thoughts and emotions. It is a law of creation. Despite the simplicity of this law, it is difficult to understand because it differs from everything we were used to believe. Famous people like Albert Einstein and Joseph Addison knew how to use the law of attraction. Albert Einstein said that everything is energy. Experts in quantum physics claim that you are influencing everything around you. Whether you use it consciously or not, this law is constantly in action as the law of gravity.

Law of attraction is a 100 year old concept, but it was revealed recently to people worldwide. This concept is based on the fact that our thoughts influence directly our lives. Somehow similar to the idea of positive thinking, the law of attraction involves more effort. People who believe in it say that it's not enough just to desire something; you must allow that to happen. According to them, this is the hardest part on which depends the fulfillment of our desires.

Here are the principles of the law of attraction, which you can apply to attract luck in all areas of your life, as many others do:

Every thought you have is a form of energy that emits a vibration, a signal. This signal attracts the same rate of vibration on the same frequency. Your thoughts are messages to the Universe, becoming a form of energy. This is what we call the law of attraction, one of the most powerful laws of the universe and the basis of creative visualization. In the same way a magnet attracts metal, your mind attracts energy. Unfortunately most people care more about what they don't have or about what they want to change in their lives, wondering why nothing goes well. The law of attraction ignores the nature of your thoughts. So if your thoughts remain stuck on the fact that you have can't have a certain thing, your energy will focus on failure and not on success.

Try to create a clear image of the desired life. If you need more money, don't always think that you have no money right now, but on the contrary, imagine how you spend money to buy all the things you want. Avoid complaining or saying that you're poor.

Love yourself! Only after you start to love yourself, you'll be able to handle a love relationship or any other action you undertake. Quit blaming yourself for small things or to have a negative image about everything you do. Look at you with love, accept your body and personality and be prepared to receive wonderful surprises.

Remember that everything, absolutely everything that happens in your life is attracted to you through the images created in your mind. Start doing things that influence your mood positively. When it comes about the law of attraction, each detail matters. An interesting book, some good music or a beautiful picture can help you to get rid of negative thoughts.

Luck and bad luck doesn't exist. You're not a victim of life or a victim of the vengeance of a higher power, a God or gods. Only you have the ability and strength to build your own life, stone by stone, solidified by actions, faith, tenacity and perseverance.

Be grateful and enjoy what you have, even if there are moments when you feel that everything goes wrong. Think better! Even if you are unhappy because your boyfriend left you and you have no job, enjoy your health and the things you have. Most of us don't pay attention to all these, but think about how many people lost their homes because of floods or hurricanes, people who thought, like us, that all these things are essential and can't disappear suddenly. Enjoy what you have and fight to have what you want.

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